Tuesday Is A Day For Honesty…

Geeklings, I’m not going to beat around the bush. You’re not getting a full content column tonight. I’m sorry. There will be no deep dive into a possible Skrull invasion. The Adorable Creature’s journey through Scranton will have to wait. There are no reading dilemmas today. Nope. Today is a day where I wanted to write a column, got caught up writing a long Better Call Saul review over at Fan Fest News (which you can find right here), haven’t eaten dinner yet, and really, really want to play some Spider-Man on my Playstation.

Which leaves us with this post. A post that has links to previously written columns and contains little to no new content. Sure, you know that in a few minutes, after I eat dinner, I’ll be playing Spider-Man. You know that I wrote a killer Better Call Saul review (which you can still read here), but there is no breakdown of the best LOST episodes or ideas for awesome television inventions. Just a man with a website telling you how he’d rather play video games.

Is it hurtful? Maybe. Rude? Kind of. Understandable? Yeah. My rationale was to come here and throw myself at the mercy of the Geeklings. Let you know what was going on so you didn’t think I abandoned you. Because there’s nothing worse than starting a new week of writing and then taking off on a Tuesday. Super lame stuff.

So, if you’ll excuse me, it’s now time to power off my laptop, turn on my PS4, eat some grub, and mentally prepare myself to swing through the streets of New York as my all time favorite superhero. I’ll see everyone here tomorrow with some new content. It’s New Comic Book Day so expect a Pull List and if I’ve got time maybe something else.


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