Collapsing Under the Weight of Netflix Content

Sometimes I just want to watch something. Throw it on the television and kind of unwind from the day of work. It should be an easy task. Something that should take all of five minutes to decide, but that’s never the case. Nope, usually, I’ll sit in front of my television and cycle through all of the content and end up being so overwhelmed that I no longer want to watch anything or throw something familiar on. I can’t be the only one that this happens to.

The problem is I want to watch things. I want to watch everything, give or take, and there is just far too much content and not enough time for me to do so. Let’s put aside the shows I watch weekly, like a savage, and shows on other streaming networks and focus mainly on Netflix. Here is all the original content I want to watch on Netflix. Not the regular shows I want to watch. I’m talking about the original content only.

  • Russian Dolls (literally just discovered this and kind of feel like I need it in my life like yesterday)
  • Dave Chappelle The Bird Revelation (not sure why I haven’t watched this)
  • Kingdom (Samurai zombies…yep)
  • Punisher Season Two (two episodes in)
  • Luke Cage Season Two (one episode in)
  • Big Mouth (one episode in… was not prepared)
  • Narcos
  • Narcos: Mexico
  • Polar
  • Black Mirror (but they all make me so sad)
  • The Bundy Tapes
  • Disenchanted
  • Ozark
  • Money Heist (hear really good things about this one)
  • Roma
  • Ballad of Buster Scruggs
  • Sex Education 
  • Carmen Sandiego
  • She-Ra (four or five episodes in)
  • GLOW

It’s so overwhelming! How can I be expected to watch this, read comics/books, write columns, socialize, get married, and keep my job?! It’s damn near impossible and because of that a lot of really awesome content is slipping through the cracks. When you think about it, that’s kind of frustrating.

Does that mean that the Netflix structure needs to change? Maybe. Or maybe it needs to be slowed down a little bit. Punisher and Carmen Sandiego were released on the same weekend which means something isn’t being watched. Sometimes shows are released a week apart not giving enough time in between. I’m drowning in things I want to watch and it’s overwhelming me to the point where I barely watch any of it… I can’t be alone.

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