Week In Geek- Captain Marvel, Shazam!, & Driving Vampires

Things that suck, having a column half written and then that column disappearing and not being able to find any of the old drafts. That is something that sucks my friends and it is my current issue right now. I wrote you half of a kickass Week in Geek column and now I have to start over again and it’s like getting kicked in the junk. Rips all the excitement out of the column writing. It’s lame and I’m not pleased.

That’s not to say that I won’t try and give you the best possible column, no, no, no. Here at I Am Geek, we believe in giving our best, but this column will be a bit shorter because I wasted twenty minutes on writing a column you won’t get to see. Sorry, clearly you see my frustration here. On top of that, I’m using a new format for writing on the site and I’m not enjoying it… needless to say, frustration levels are mounting.

Enough about me though. It’s Monday and that can mean only one thing… new Week In Geek so without further delay let’s get this ball rolling!

Cap MarvelCaptain Marvel- The wait for Captain Marvel has been a long one but finally the movie will land in theaters this Friday ushering in a new era for the MCU. While we haven’t seen Carol Danvers in any Marvel films yet it’s hard to deny the fact that her presence has been massively felt with the Nick Fury post-credit page. Infinity War has loomed large over the MCU and it seems that Captain Marvel is going to be our savior. But how?! I don’t have a clue but there’s a reason that this film is set in the ’90s outside of current MCU timelines. I have fully believe that Marvel Studios is not only going to establish Brie Larson’s Captain as the badass hero we deserve but also set things in motion for the next phase of Marvel films. Can you say Skrulls? Something important is going on in the ’90s and that importance will ripple into whatever comes next for the MCU. I for one cannot wait for this movie and you better expect a review here at I Am Geek later in the week.

Shazam! trailer- DC has got some goodies for us this week too as the comic company dropped the long-awaited second trailer for Shazam!, and it’s just as delightful as the first! I really love the new direction of the DCEU going with stand-alone films opposed to a shared universe as it gives characters like Aquaman and Shazam opportunities to shine. The best part of this trailer is that movie just feels fun something that has been sorely lacking from the majority of DCEU films. I can’t wait for Captain Sparkle Fingers to be released as it looks like the Big of superhero films.

NOS4A2 trailer- If you’re a Joe Hill fan, and you very well should be this guy writes incredible books, then there is a lot for you to be excited about this year. Starting with the upcoming AMC series based on his hit book NOS4A2 which just so happened to drop a trailer today! This is actually the first Hill book that I read so it holds a special place in my heart not to mention it is all types of creepy. NOS4A2 is a story about Charles Manx, played by Zachary Quinto, a child abducting vampire. Manx isn’t your traditional vampire though as he feeds on the dreams and spirits of the children he abducts by taking them to a place called… Christmasland! Hill infuses his excellent pop culture knowledge throughout the novel and his strong sense of character providing one hell of a story. I’m very excited to see how this book translates to the screen, and if this trailer is any indication, it’s going to be a blast!

Image result for game of thrones entertainment weeklyGame of Thrones Entertainment Weekly covers- With a month or so to go before new episodes of Game of Thrones hit our eyeholes, fully expect a breakdown of all things Thrones related from now until the show’s premiere. Helping fuel our lust for all things Westeros is Entertainment Weekly with a slew of new covers picturing just about every character left alive at this point. These portraits are spectacular and have some very interesting pairings. Are there hidden clues to be found or have we reached a point where we’re just going to dig at every little thing? I’ll let you decide that on your own. 

There you have it Geeklings, I somehow managed to survive my rage fit and provided you with a brand new Week In Geek. What are you guys the most excited about this week? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. I have a feeling we’re going to have ourselves a kickass week here at I Am Geek so prepare yourselves! 

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