Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer- Fighting For the Living

My favorite geeky moments are the ones you aren’t expecting. Those moments when you’re getting your ass kicked at work and you notice that your phone is blowing up a little bit. These seemingly random stray text messages and Facebook alerts letting you know something big is going on, but because work is owning your life you can’t turn your attention to it just yet. So what happens next? The anticipation builds and builds as I try and figure out what could possibly be happening that people need me to know about. That’s one of the best things to come out of I Am Geek, the outreach. People throwing things my way because they enjoy them and they know that I enjoy them too.

I figured with the reviews of Captain Marvel being released today that these alerts had something to do with that, and I know people are good enough not to send me spoiler material so I was genuinely curious. When work finally allowed me a free moment to check my messages it was something even better…”Thrones trailer…” That was it. Suddenly, I desperately needed to get away from my desk and on my phone. Every second that went by was another second that I couldn’t view the trailer. Was another second that I couldn’t share the trailer on the I Am Geek Facebook page. Was another second that I couldn’t tag people and get them to freak out too. I sat at my desk dying waiting for that opportune time to “go to the bathroom” or get water.

Let me tell you something Geeklings, it’s tough to watch things at work especially when you’re trying to be covert about it. I had to suppress all verbal emotions. All the “nooooo” or the “oooooh shit, oh, shit…” and other exclamations of that sort. Instead, I wore my stupid trailer grin and giggled with excitement as the trailer unfolded in the break room unbeknownst to anyone else. When it ended I returned to my desk almost pretending nothing incredible had just happened to my life. I sat down, started back on my work, and immediately started thinking of this column.

If you recall a month or so ago, I wrote a column on how we didn’t need a Game of Thrones trailer, and I stand by that. We didn’t need this trailer, we wanted it, and that’s okay. It’s okay to want things. What I love so much about this trailer is that it pretty much gives nothing away. Which is exactly what I wanted. We get an Arya voice over with dramatic Game of Thrones music and a bunch of flashes of people standing around looking dramatic. Perfect. Absolutely perfect and I’m so glad the folks at HBO knew exactly how much to give without giving us too much. Any and all major moments should be saved for these six episodes. Hell, I don’t even want trailers after episodes at this point, but I digress. With that being said though, I have watched this trailer four times. Maybe five, and after I show it to the Adorable Creature I most likely won’t watch it again.

Now here we are, a month away from Game of Thrones and we have our first full look at this upcoming season. There is only one thing we can possibly do. Even with the limited amount of content that we were given… let’s try and break this thing down and throw some theories out there. Minor ones but it wouldn’t be I Am Geek without them.

  • Perhaps the biggest spoiler of the trailer in a blink and you missed it moment, it appears that my boy (and if you don’t want to be spoiled don’t read the rest of this little thought here) Tormund is alive! Oh, happiest of happy days. I knew that the collapse of the Wall wouldn’t be his end, and I was thrilled to see him walking the halls with Beric Dondarrion and his flaming sword. Now the bigger question is where are they? Are they underneath the Wall? Did the two of them make it down to Winterfell? Again this speaks to how well orchestrated this trailer is as it doesn’t give away much.
  • GoT Trailer 4
  • Araya. The trailer opens with Arya giving a speech about death and the face she wants to meet. It appears that she is hiding/running in the halls of Winterfell and all the darkness makes me think that this is taking place with the arrival of the Night King. The blood and terror on Arya’s face help further this theory, but is it possible this is a misdirect? Araya is talking about obtaining a face. Is she talking about the Night King himself or some other player yet to be seen?  
  • I looooooooooove the contrast in colors seeing Jon Snow and Daenerys together. Her stark white with his brooding Stark colors. It makes the two seem like a ying and yang that fills Westeros with hope as well as unbeknownst incest. Yuck, but acceptable yuck?
  • The cinematography in this trailer is breathtaking. Loved the shot of Euron’s battle fleet at sea or Dany’s dragons soaring over the mountains or Jon by the Weirwood. This trailer wasn’t big on giving us plot but it was huge on giving us these tiny iconic looking moments. Presenting us with just how large this final season is going to be. Speaking of Euron, is it possible that he was able to recruit the Gold Company? That armor of those on the ship certainly gave the impression that he did.
  • GoT Trailer 3I can’t describe how delicious Cersei is in this trailer, and I don’t mean that in a perverted way, I mean it in the just how every little action of hers is so effin perfect. The smirk on her face as she’s looking out at sea with the Mountain behind her or just the way she sniffs the wine in her chamber. Everyone is talking about the Night King being the big bad, and he is, but please don’t underestimate Cersei. She’s got big plans for this season and some of those plans involve her brother Tyrion perhaps…?
  • I love the dragon reaction shots. Arya. Sansa. Helps add to the mystic level of the creatures. And did anyone else get the sense that Jon might have a dragon of his own? One of my favorite shots of the trailer was him and Daenerys walking up to the two remaining dragons. It felt momentous and foreshadowing that Jon was going to ride one into battle.
  • Oh! Before I forget… did anyone else notice that Cersei didn’t look very pregnant? After last season kind of moving quickly through time I was curious to see if that would continue here but so far she looks very much not pregnant. You probably shouldn’t be drinking wine if you’re preggers which leads me back to my season seven theory that she was never pregnant! 
  • Bran’s narration of the trailer seems directed at Sam maybe? One has to believe it’s going to be Sam who breaks the news to Jon about his parents. What happens with the romance between him and Dany afterward is yet to be seen. Can he live with the secret like Ned or is there a secret war brewing that we aren’t expecting (I have more on this theory but at a later date).
  • GoT Trailer 1The. War. At. Winterfell. The White Walkers are coming and they are bringing war and it appears that everyone is there. Jamie can be seen moving through the flames. Pod (I worry about him) and Brienne of Tarth are directly on the front lines of battle. New rumors have surfaced about Game of Thrones providing the largest cinematic battle scene ever. I’m starting to believe episode three will be this battle and we will not be okay afterward.
  • Surprisingly there was very little Tyrion in this trailer aside a very downcast look. This leads me to believe that every Tyrion scene is super important and revealing more than this look will be considered a spoiler. I sure hope he meets up with Varys again. I’m filled with hope as the Master of Spiders appears in this trailer as well.
  • I’m not holding much hope for Greyworm but I really enjoyed his moment with Missandei as he heads towards battle. Just goes far enough to show us the stakes and dash of our possible favorite couple not performing incest?
  • The Hound. Fire. Here we go.
  • A couple of shots of Sansa who is my dark horse to take the Iron Throne. Not much but a few glances and looks which leads me back to my Tyrion theory.
  • I really appreciated how the trailer gave us nothing visual of the White Walkers and instead allowed their presence to loom over the entire trailer. I’m not entirely sure if they are the threat for the whole season or just the first half, but keeping them off screen just builds the anticipation to this battle even more.
  • GoT Trailer 2

There you have it Geeklings, we have our first look of season eight of Game of Thrones and it does nothing but create more mystery and further anticipation. What did you think of the trailer? Did you even watch? What are your theories? Sound off in the comments below or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. We have a little more than a month before the show arrives and I think the biggest question this trailer asks is if you’re ready. Well, are you? Valar morghulis, Geeklings.

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