Jennifer’s Game of Thrones Story

Hello everyone! Welcome to the countdown to the final season of Game of Thrones!! It’s kinda hard to believe, isn’t it?? Kevin had asked me to write a column for this week’s Game of Thrones countdown and at first, I was like “ahhhhhhhh what do I write!” but then after a few ideas I decided to just discuss why I like the show. So get comfy I’m gonna lay it on ya.

So for a few years, Kevin had tried to get me to read the Game of Thrones books. He raved about them. I finally broke down and was like sure, why not”. Welp… That was not the right attitude going into a story of such magnitude. First off, the reading was soooooo confusing. I’m already terrible with names, but damn I was lost with these characters. Naturally, I lost interest rather quickly.

Fast forward a few years, not much has changed, Kevin was still trying to convince me and my husband, Paul, to watch the show. It took having a baby (who by the way is TWO now!) to finally sit down and watch. Now picture me and Paul with a newborn , starting season one. Newborn – Check. New parent daze- Check. Some time in between, bottles, naps, and diaper changes- Check

\Yeah, it seemed like the perfect time to start Game of Thrones. We clearly had no clue the type of beast this show really was. I want to say we binged watched all six seasons but that’s not really accurate for what we ended up doing. It was more like the crash course Bran had as he was becoming the Three-Eyed Raven. Now again, we started literally a few days after my daughter was born and we finished all six seasons in a month. HOLY SHIT, right? People say, sleep when the baby sleeps. Yeah, we watched Game of Thrones instead. What a crazy ride that was. I had a terrible time with characters, and at times was confused (new mommies and daddies, you really should sleep when your bundle of joy sleeps. Do not binge watch GoT). Putting character confusion aside, I really was invested. I fell in love with this show. As a new parent, I found myself becoming invested in the Starks and especially Ned. His story really intrigued me. Ned Stark in ways reminded me of my father, he was noble, honorable and honest, and that got me with all the feels. I was so heartbroken at the end of season one. As a child who lost her father, I went through a roller coaster of emotions as Arya and Sansa stood there and watched their father get beheaded. WTF!! Not cool Game of Thrones. That’s when Paul and I thought we were understanding the show and the heartache it brings. SPOILER ALERT we weren’t even close to understanding. 

Now you’re probably waiting for me to get to the point, and have no fear…

Why do I love the show? Well, first off I really like the history in this story. I enjoyed learning about the different fictional places people were from and their cultures and how different they were and what each one brought to the table. I enjoy the common enemy. Yes, Cersei is a villain but so is the Night King and the suspense of those two worlds coming together are exciting. Game of Thrones has made me think, as a mother, how far would I go to protect my kid and my husband. Would I be a Cersi or a Catelyn or maybe even a Daenerys? The true beauty though is, I love my family. There is nothing like being able to geek out and get into heated discussions about the future of these characters and Westeros with the ones you love.  Game of Thrones captured all of these things for me and much more.

After I started watching, it was yet another awesome thing Kevin and I could geek out on. Then to find out that his fiancé (Alyson- heart your face!) loved the show too. Our small group consisting of  Kevin, Paul, Alyson, my BFF Michael, and I were on the track to having epic discussions.

Jumping to season seven, we were excited to find out that Paul’s parents Marilyn and Phil were also into GoT! Kevin and Michael were so happy! They have never had these many people to share in the love, deceit, and heartbreak of Westeros. That started one of my favorite traditions, Game of Thrones night. During season seven every week we all gathered on my patio around the fire pit and watched Thrones with awesome food and drinks. Our themed finale party where Paul’s mom really earned the Throne. We all decided to make a GoT inspired dish. I made chicken fingers and called them “little fingers”, Michael made delicious potato skins named “ Ramsey Bolton skins” or something (sorry Michael) you get the point. Pauls’ mom went ALL out. She made a Fire and Ice Cocktail (I still need that recipe please), dragon eggs which were deviled eggs, Frey pie and I shit you not, even included a mini hotdog as a “finger” for authenticity. There was so much I know I am forgetting something. Needless to say, it was AWESOME.

GoT Party

Since the finale, we have gained a new member into our fan group, and she is our mom (she had the best reactions watching the show). I always enjoy when mom starts a show that we suggest. She usually says that she won’t like it but then our phone is flooded with texts of what the hell is happening followed by why did you make me watch this. For example, I was at Kevin’s watching Arrow and Flash and mom was on season seven. She had gotten to the part where Dany flies in with her dragon and slaughters most of Jamie’s army. Kevin picks up the phone and all you hear is mom screaming about what in the hell just happened.

Now it’s been two years since the season seven finale and in anticipation of what to come of Westeros, we have all re-watched the show a few times and yes, we still have ALL the feels and have even changed our perception on some characters. But one thing has remained consistent, Paul still hates Daenerys.

As we gear up for season eight, I like many of you are trying to figure out how to prepare my emotions for what is to come. Winter has come my friends. I hope you’re ready. Where does your allegiance lie?


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