An Avengers Endgame PSA

Dear Geeklings,

By now we know that the internet is dark and full of terrors. That’s nothing new. We should also know by now that as a large pop culture event approaches that there a select few people who wish to ruin said events for others. This happens nearly all the time with big releases and Avengers Endgame is no different.   

Listen, people who leak footage or major plot points before a movie’s release are monsters. Plain and simple. They belong to a special ring of hell that Dante knew nothing about. Yesterday key footage from Endgame was leaked on the internet. Footage that contains massive spoilers that occur near the end of the film. I’m told that this footage is devastating in its spoilers.


If you’re like me then the internet is a big part of your everyday existence. Especially sites like Instagram and Twitter. Just be cautious if you’re following tags about Endgame. These monsters are sly and trying to ruin your experience before you know what is happening. Be mindful of the links that you click or the people you follow. If you feel that you know people that could spoil the movie for you then mute them.

As your geek ambassador,Endgame I would feel like I let you down if I didn’t warn you. Of course, if you want spoilers I say go for it just be courteous to those around you who don’t want anything to do with them. Everyone should be allowed to experience this movie in ways that result in peak enjoyment.

We’re in the endgame now Geeklings… be careful out there. Only nine more days. We got this…

Whatever It Takes,

~ I Am Geek


2 thoughts on “An Avengers Endgame PSA

  1. Reblogged this on Aarnav's Blog and commented:
    Exactly what they are. Monsters.
    My fellow Marvel fans, please be safe. Mute such keywords on Twitter, keep blocking potential accounts on Facebook, and just don’t visit the Search section of Instagram.
    It’s not far away, we can be spoiler free!


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