Pull List- Frank Miller’s Superman Origin, Batman’s Daddy Issues, & GotG vs the Black Order

Geeklings, a very Happy New Comic Book Day to you all! While at lunch I had a bit of a New Comic Book Day epiphany that I’d like to share with you. It captures both the highs and lows of my favorite day of the week. Because if you’ve been reading this column then you know that there’s no better day than Wednesday!

I don’t know about you guys but I spend the majority of my week getting excited about new comics, especially as Wednesday draws closer. There’s nothing better than new stories that come out weekly/monthly. For a story junkie, man, that’s crack. The only kicker is that feeling once the book is done. It’s kind of crushing. I spent all week getting hyped to read this, and I loved it, and now I have to wait another week for new books or another month for an issue of this book. And that’s when the readers high falters for a second as I have to think about the wait… again. It’s kind of a vicious cycle but I wouldn’t trade the rush of new stories for anything. Even waiting a week or a month.

I know this must seem random but I read two issues during my lunch and they were so kickass that I felt sad once they were over. I mean, I’ll probably re-read them but that initial cracking open of a book and not knowing what lies ahead… that’s my favorite.

I digress. It’s been a long week for yours truly. I seemed to have angered the Cult of Synder regarding my thoughts on the SnyderCut of Justice League and that has taken up a lot of my time. Let’s just say my block button on Twitter has been working overtime. It hasn’t all been bad though as there has been much more positivity and solid conversations over the last few days. Take that trolls! I appreciate everyone’s reads and positive words or discussion. It’s been fun in a perverse kind of way.  

I digress again. Let’s talk comics, shall we? A bunch of good stuff to dive into starting with…

Superman: Year One #1- Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One is considered to be one of the all-time great comics and it’s an opinion that is very much warranted. Miller crafted such a terrifically rich story as that humanized Batman at the very start of his journey through Gotham. A story so influential that it has stuck to the mythos of the character ever since. Year Ones seem to be a popular trend with comic characters, the Flash is currently going through one, and a lot of writers use it as an opportunity to change something drastic about the character. And while some of them have worked others have felt off in comparison to what Miller did with Batman. Now over thirty years later, Miller returns to another Year One story but this time he’s focusing on DC’s other major hero… Superman. With art from the incredible John Romita Jr., Miller looks to duplicate his Year One success as he starts with Superman’s youth and shows his progression with his powers and abilities and finding a home in Earth. A book that is sure to capture that old school nature of Supes and maybe coincide with Batman Year One (one can hope), I’m very much looking forward to this new take even if I question it being printed under the for adults Black Label.

Guardians of the Galaxy #6- Donny Cates writes the most rad books. For reals. His pocket Marvel Universe is one of my favorite things on the shelf currently. It’s all connected and it makes for some awesome easter eggs. Like, did you guys read that last page of Silver Surfer Black?! I geeked out hard for that. I haven’t been shy in stating I’ve loved this Guardians run and the first arc comes to a conclusion here. Thanos’s brother is being used to revive the Mad Titan and the Guardians are set to stop it. At what cost though? Cates writes these characters with such care and emotion and Shaw’s art is the perfect conveys it. Sadly this is Shaw’s last issue on the run but there is still plenty to look forward to. After all, is said and done, and I don’t expect this to be the final chapter on this story, you’ll be left wondering… what about Rocket? Finally. Yeah, I’m excited too!

Batman #73- Insert glowing praise for Tom King’s Batman run here. I don’t want to do more of the same, but I do want to point out how important this issue is to the overall arc. Remember when Booster Gold changed Batman’s timeline and let his parents live? This issue ties into that beautifully without even touching on those events. King depends on the reader to remember and take the implications of that story and apply them here. It’s masterful. Thomas Wayne is dragging his son through the desert with a coffin in tow. A clear “what’s in the box moment” and when you discover just what it is you’re going to flip. King continues to write such a raw and vulnerable Batman story that gets richer and richer after each issue. Especially now that the pieces are coming together. Another winner here that’s leading to something bonkers.

Little Bird #4- The penultimate issue to Darcy Van Poelgeest’s Little Bird series is here and I fully expect for this violent, emotional journey to end as it started. Bloody and without mercy. A book that takes on politics, family, and religion in rotating fashion with beautiful art by Ian Bertram to drive the points home. This book has been gorgeous with a well-crafted, intricate story. Something tells me that this ending is going to be bittersweet. Prepare the tissues.

Daredevil #7- Chip Zdarksy’s Daredevil run has already changed the game when concerning the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and it’s only had one arc. Just the one. That first arc was quite the journey though and nothing is the same. Not Murdock. Not Hell’s Kitchen. I know that gets said a lot but seriously, things are different. It’s hard to believe that this run has only been seven issues as it feels Zdarsky has been writing the character much longer. He feels as much a main stain in Matt Murdock’s life as the mask, and that’s the best compliment I could give this book. You need this book in your life. It’s Daredevil at its finest.

Honorable Mentions- Captain Marvel #7 & Gideon Falls #14

There you have it Geeklings, all the best books to get your mitts on this week. As always, if you feel like I left anything off of this week’s Pull List be sure to sound off in the comments. If you’d like to talk more comics with yours truly then you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Tons of books I want to discuss this week so seek me out. I’ll be the guy with the hot take on Zack Snyder. Outside of that, it’s time to wrap up this week’s Pull List. Just as sad as finishing a new comic. But don’t worry, I’ll be back next week with even more comics for your eyeholes! In the meantime, happy reading and many huzzahs!


Images from Marvel, DC, and Image Comics

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