Week In Geek- Last Episode of Baby Yoda/The Mandalorian & More of You

Geeklings, it’s Monday which can only mean one thing. Brand new Week In Geek! The one thing you’ve clearly been looking forward to all day. I can see you now, sitting at your desks at work slowly fading as the time moves sloth-like. You’re contemplating pouring your coffee all over your keyboard to see what happens when suddenly a thought comes to your brain. Your face lights up in what can only be described as pure unadulterated joy. New Week In Geek saves not only your crappy work computer, for now, but the entire Monday. You’re welcome.

Before we get started there is a bit of house cleaning to take care of. After this post, the one you’re currently reading, I Am Geek will be taking the next couple of days off for the holiday. Don’t worry, we’ll still have memes up on the Facebook page but no new content for your eyeholes… until Thursday where we come back with a massive Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker write up. I’m looking forward to this one. After that, I think we’re going to do a Top Ten of television shows for the decade. Debating whether or not to do movies and comics. I guess it depends on how this one is received. Of course, next week will cover the Best of 2019. Needless to say, lots of exciting stuff to look forward to.

That’s our future though, let’s talk about our present. How about we get things started with…

MandoThe Mandalorian season one finale- Man, this went fast. I’ve really enjoyed the weekly release schedule for The Mandalorian, a new Star Wars adventure every Friday (!!!), but eight episodes sure do not feel like enough. And that’s because it isn’t but let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth. Eight episodes were enough to test the waters of the first live-action Star Wars tv show so let’s hope that we get a couple of more for season two which just so happens to be filming as we speak. As for the finale though, man, they are really trying to test my limits of stress. Like, how dare you put Baby Yoda in so much god damn peril. How. Dare. You. It was not okay to carry that stress into my viewing of Rise of Skywalker and then make me wait even longer for the new episode. Friday will be here before we know it and hopefully, Mando needs to save Baby Yoda from the grasps of Moff Gideon while maybe filling in some blanks on the adorable little creature. I fully expect a cliffhanger ending making us all lose our faces during the wait for season two but life is fair. I’m also predicting that the last scene of the episode will confirm that the spur wearing mystery figure on Tatooine will be none other than Boba Fett! That’s my bold prediction and before you tell me that it’s going to be Moff Gideon re-watch that last episode because homeboy had zero spurs on his boots. Just saying… 

Image result for you season 2You season two- Not even going to hide how excited I am for the second season of You. Before it blew up on Netflix, You was a show on Lifetime that I watched every episode of with anticipation levels rising higher and higher each week. My wife and her book club read You and I, of course, asked her all about it. Naturally, she started watching the show to compare to the novel while I tried to read or something else. I noticed I was paying more and more attention to the show than to whatever it was I was doing and soon I was hooked. I’ve read both books and can’t wait to see how this second novel plays out across this season especially with the newly found Netflix freedom. This book is bonkers! I’m almost hoping that they split this up into two seasons. Maximum amount of craziness for everyone. What do we have in store for this upcoming season though? Is Beck alive or really dead? What’s Joe going to do about Candace? Can this psychopath ever find love? All these answers and soooooo much more ahead. I’m so excited this might be a one night binge fest. I can’t help myself.

Holidays- Today is the first day of Hanukkah, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and then Christmas on Wednesday.  There’s a ton to celebrate this week Geeklings, and I just want to take a second and extend the best to all of you. This site doesn’t exist without your eyeholes and I’m forever thankful for you all coming here day after day to read my thoughts. Please be safe, be merry, be happy, and enjoy your time. We’ll be back on Thursday with new content so Merry Merry. I’ll see you all then.

Happy Christmas (and any holiday you choose to celebrate) to all, and to all a good Week In Geek

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