Comic Book Round-Up- Catwoman’s Pregnant (?!), A Locke & Key Crossover (?!), & Dan Didio Gone (?!?!?!)

Most weeks we tend to get together on Wednesdays either here at I Am Geek, our local comic book shops (hiiiiiii Android’s Amazing Comics), Twitter, or basically any other place you can get together with friends and discuss the latest crop of comic books. I’ve often referred to New Comic Book Day as my favorite weekly holiday but that doesn’t necessarily mean that comic book related awesomeness stops on Wednesday. That’s like thinking it’s only okay to eat pizza on Fridays or with a bunch of turtles who happen to know karate and were trained by a giant talking rat. Pizza is awesome any day of the week. Comic books related news is awesome any day of the week. Let’s not limit ourselves Geeklings.

This week kind of turned into a mega comic-book week on the q.t…. do people still say this?! Doesn’t matter, what does matter is that we have gotten some earth-shaking comic book news this week and I can’t idly sit by and not discuss these things with you. Part of this is because my wife is growing tired of hearing about crossovers that she won’t read when we’re supposed to be focusing on how much of a train wreck Jessica is on Love Is Blind. Seriously, was it in her contract to be drunk every episode?! And how has Amber not punked this chick out? All I can think of is Jonathan Banks in Community, “There are going to be two sounds. Me hitting you… twice” any time these two interact.

Sorry, comics.

Catwoman PreggersCatwoman is Pregnant- Earlier this week Tom King dropped a bombshell on those of us who are not so patiently waiting for him and Clay Mann’s Batman/Catwoman as it looks like Cat is carrying the baby of the Bat. Whaaaaat?! This image left me a lot of immediate questions. What kind of fabric is Catwoman’s suit made of because it’s clearly majestic as eff. Is it badass or ridiculously irresponsible for her to be suiting up and fighting crime? One would think if you have to get a new super suit to accommodate your pregnancy then maybe it’s time to start considering some bed rest. I’m no doctor though.

More importantly, though, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was King’s original plan for his Batman run. It was long since promised that when Tom King left Batman that he would leave the character and series fundamentally changed. One couldn’t help but feel that after his final issue that Batman was different but the series hasn’t changed to the degree it was promised. This reeked of DC involvement and the fact that we’re even getting a Batman/Catwoman series should be counted as a massive win. If you’ve read any of the Pull List columns here then you know I’m not shy in saying that King’s run on Batman is easily an all-time best for the character. Seriously, it should be put up with what writers like Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb have done with the character. Instead of celebrating that it seemed that DC was looking for someone who would integrate the character back into the main continuity of the universe. I’m not saying what James Tynion IV is doing is bad, because it’s not at all, but it certainly is a change of pace.

It is yet to be seen whether or not Batman/Catwoman ties into the larger DC continuity or exists on the outside, but King has stated that this book will cover the entire timeline of Batman and Catwoman. From when they met to when they grow old together, something that was covered in Batman Annual #2 which just so happens to be a comic that made me cry in an airport. And we now know during that timeline Catwoman is going to be pregnant. I can only imagine how Damian Wayne is going to handle this. Also, I don’t think we can call their child a future Robin. It would have to be some sort Bat/Cat hybrid… something like a flying squirrel? Name pending but this right here feels like the game-changer we were promised.

Locke and SandmanLocke & Key Meets Sandman– There’s nothing like something epic being dropped almost casually late at night on a Friday. In between episodes of Love Is Blind last night, I hopped on Twitter to see what was good and saw that Joe Hill had tweeted that Locke & Key would be crossing over with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Universe leaving me with a case of “what the what?!” With the massive popularity of the Netflix Locke & Key series the graphic novels have found themselves on backorder on Amazon according to Joe Hill. I love when things like that happen. People fell in love with the show and are now turning to the source material to get more of these characters. As a comic book nerd that’s the dream. The more people reading comics the better. We also learned way back during San Diego Comic-Con that Locke & Key would be returning to our shelves with new stories including World War Key which sounds like an epic event for the entire Locke family both past and future.

What I didn’t expect was to find out that Locke & Key would be crossing over with one of the most popular comic series of all time. Depending on who you talk to, some believe that Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series to be one of the greatest comics ever written, and Joe Hill hasn’t been quiet about his fandom for Gaiman. Now he’ll be given the opportunity to play in Gaiman’s sandbox with characters he’s wonderfully crafted in a completely different universe. It must be an incredible feeling. As of right now, it doesn’t appear that Gaiman will be writing any of this event but hey, anything can happen.

As of late, DC has recognized the power of the Sandman Universe as they’ve put out a number of books further exploring it over the last couple of years. Scott Snyder even used the Dream character during the massive DC wide Dark Nights Metal event, even though that didn’t really amount to much. The Sandman Universe is alive and well and now is about to be meet the twisted world of Lovecraft.

Bonus awesome is that Netflix owns the rights to both Locke & Key and Sandman. If this comic event goes off like we think it will then it’s not out of the realm of possibilities to see it play out across our small screens. And that could have the potential to change the game even further.

Dan DidioDan Didio Parts Ways With DC- Late last night comics Twitter blew up as it was announced that Dan Didio would be leaving DC Comics effective immediately. This news came out of nowhere and has not only shaken the comic universe but kind of put a big question mark over DC Comics. It was reported early that Didio had been removed from DC but was later retracted to maybe cushion the blow of the decision. Possibly out of respect for Didio and all that he’s done with DC. I don’t know, but people are talking and left wondering why.

The New 52 could be considered Didio’s biggest contribution to the company and we all know that that was met at best with a lukewarm reception. In fact, I would argue that DC has been trying to retcon that ever since. Titles like DC Rebirth helped to kind of explain away that continuity and it’s taken DC some time to kind of get over it. With that being said, Didio had made a number of positive contributions to the company and was still actively involved as early as yesterday morning. In fact, the long-rumored Generation Five storyline supposedly had a lot of Didio involvement and now there are question marks surrounding that. Generation Five looked to age out the major DC heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman and replace them with younger versions of those characters. It sounds very similar to the New 52 as well as what Marvel did a few years back when they replaced Captain America with Sam Wilson, Thor with Jane Foster, and Iron Man with Riri Williams. If rumors were to be believed then not many folks in DC were excited about this upcoming upheaval. We’ve already witnessed continuity errors with the Legion of Superheroes and the ending of Doomsday Clock, and it’s possible that this upcoming storyline could be one of the reasons Didio no longer calls DC home.

While Didio’s departure is shocking it’s not all too surprising as DC has been cleaning house over the last couple of months when it comes to publishers. There have been a lot of shake-ups/firings and it looks like DC could be heading into a totally new direction moving forward. I’ll be curious to see how the rest of this story unfolds. There are a ton of details that we have yet to see and I’ve got a feeling that things could get ugly. Hopefully, all the backstage drama doesn’t affect the quality of books on the shelves but I’ve got a feeling Bob Dylan got it right when he said the times are a-changing.

You see, comic books are just as relevant on a Saturday as they are on a Wednesday. Maybe even more so. I’m going to turn it over to you now Geeklings. What news nugget has you the most excited, floored, or nervous? Be sure to sound off in the comments or if you’d like to talk comics with yours truly further then you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32.

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