The Column That Already Was

Eight hundred sixty-three. That’s how many columns have been published on I Am Geek. A number that I’m quite proud of as a matter of fact. It’s rather large, that’s what she said, and means that 2020 could be the year that I Am Geek hits one thousand posts. Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I’m already beaming like a proud parent at the upcoming achievement. With such a large volume of content (check our Archives please) one wants to make sure that we don’t duplicate topics. We can expand on them, of course, but you never want to write the same article twice.

Yesterday I had an idea for today’s column. Yes, sometimes if I’m lucky, I’m able to plan my columns in advance. I was excited. I knew I could bang out a bunch of words and that the post would be topical. Relevant even. That’s what we strive for here at I Am Geek, relevant subject matter. No one wants to read about the Super Bowl a month after it happens and I like to keep that philosophy here. Keep it fresh and popular… mostly. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t focus on the weird things that are occupying my mind at times but that’s not the discussion right now. Don’t you put me on trial!

This morning during my think tank session, or shower, I was mapping out my plan of attack. I had an opening and some bullet points I wanted to hit and I was feeling good. This thing was going to basically write itself but something felt off. Or rather familiar. Like possibly a topic I had broached before but surely not as specifically as the column I was currently writing in my head.  So I did what any website owner with eight hundred sixty-three columns at his disposal would do… I checked the archives.

And guess what? It turns out I already wrote this column. Almost a year ago but consistent with its relevance. I like to see that my mind hasn’t really changed on the subject matter but in the four-year history of I Am Geek, I do believe this is a first. I usually look when I think a topic is close to something I’ve written before but I’ve never written the same column twice. For the record, I really didn’t do that here either. Mentally writing a column doesn’t count!

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, here’s my column on how The Walking Dead has very much outstayed its welcome-



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