The Office Turns Fifteen- Here Are 15 Episodes To Watch To Celebrate

Happy Birthday to you/Happy Birthday to you/Happy BirthdAAAAaaaaaay The Office/Happy Birthday to YooouUUUUUUUuuuu I hope you heard the end of that in Michael Scott’s falsetto that he uses when he sings Happy Birthday to everyone. You can see an example of said falsetto when Michael makes his dramatic return to the office in “Survivor Man” to sing the concluding notes to Creed as he gets … Continue reading The Office Turns Fifteen- Here Are 15 Episodes To Watch To Celebrate

The Column That Already Was

Eight hundred sixty-three. That’s how many columns have been published on I Am Geek. A number that I’m quite proud of as a matter of fact. It’s rather large, that’s what she said, and means that 2020 could be the year that I Am Geek hits one thousand posts. Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I’m already beaming like a proud parent at the upcoming achievement. With such a … Continue reading The Column That Already Was

Did Netflix… Crash?!

While you were at work today something catastrophic happened. Something so terrifying that I’m actually afraid to mention it here in fear that it’ll happen again. Kind of like saying Voldemort’s name aloud or saying “traffic has been good today” during a long drive. I’m Lucas Washington, I don’t want to wish that evil on anyone because if this was to occur again at the … Continue reading Did Netflix… Crash?!

Week In Geek- Call Saul, Make It So, & Marvel’s First Family Returns

Geeklings, it is hot. Like hot hot. The type of hot that is usually reserved for the fourth or fifth circles of Hell, Mount Doom, or the DC movie writers room. I can deal with hot but I can’t deal with humidity and the world doesn’t seem to understand this. Over the last couple of weeks, it seems like my neck of the woods has … Continue reading Week In Geek- Call Saul, Make It So, & Marvel’s First Family Returns

The Daunting Task of Re-Watching Old Shows

Saturday night I had a conversation with the I Am Geek crew, a name I just created but am secretly loving, that went a little something like this. Kevin: You know, I’d really like to re-watch The X-Files from start to finish. Jennifer: So, do it. Kevin: Ugh, it’s like ten seasons of twenty something episodes each. I don’t have time for that. Jennifer: Whyyyyy is it so long?! Kevin: Because that’s how they used to … Continue reading The Daunting Task of Re-Watching Old Shows

Stranger Things Eve

Geeklings, tomorrow (or midnight if you’re one of those) Stranger Things is back. I have missed it tremendously, if you couldn’t tell. I’ve been patiently waiting. Buying my pop vinyls. Listening to the soundtrack (makes for good reading music). Watching and re-watching the first season. Wearing my t-shirts. And now, now, we are a couple of hours away from the release of season two and I am alllllllll types of … Continue reading Stranger Things Eve