The Column That Already Was

Eight hundred sixty-three. That’s how many columns have been published on I Am Geek. A number that I’m quite proud of as a matter of fact. It’s rather large, that’s what she said, and means that 2020 could be the year that I Am Geek hits one thousand posts. Wouldn’t that be incredible?! I’m already beaming like a proud parent at the upcoming achievement. With such a … Continue reading The Column That Already Was

A Home Alone Reboot?

Deary Disney, Yesterday I may have read a couple of columns that stated that you were thinking about doing a modern-day Home Alone. Not so much a reboot but a reimagining of the franchise. Something to put on the upcoming Disney+ for a brand new generation of viewers. Well, on behalf of everyone (and yes I’m willing to put the term everyone on my shoulders)… Please … Continue reading A Home Alone Reboot?

Infinity War Pops Drop. I Lost My Mind

Geeklings, I had two column ideas for tonight. I was actually thinking about doing both today because I was feeling super ambitious but things have changed. I’m now planning to write one of those columns tomorrow and focusing on the one you’re currently reading. Not because I’m not feeling super ambitious anymore but because I can’t focus. There are greater forces at work Geeklings. Marvel and Funko … Continue reading Infinity War Pops Drop. I Lost My Mind