I Am Geek Podcast Goes Official

Geeklings, I have the most wonderful news! If you recall, last week was the dramatic return of the I Am Geek PodcastWe had taken some time off, which is a bit of an understatement if you actually look at the gap between episodes, because of life and what have you but quarantine has certainly given us the opportunity to bring the band back together again. And now I Am Geek is both for your eyeholes and your earholes. What a world!

Now, the best way to listen to the podcast used to be coming here and listening but no more Geeklings. We’re moving up to the big time now. We’re an actual podcast now. Like official. How official? How about iTunes official? That’s right, you can now find the I Am Geek Podcast on Apple Podcasts and we’re super excited about it. This is what we’ve been striving for, and sure everyone in the world pretty much has a podcast at this point, but they don’t have our podcast! By now, you know that we celebrate any and all achievements here at I Am Geek so why should this be any different?

As of right now, I do believe we’re working on getting the pod up on Spotify as well, but in the meantime be sure to click the link below and start downloading. And by all means, feel free to leave us those five-star ratings and some reviews. All feedback welcomed and we’ll even read your reviews on air.


Tell your friends! The I Am Geek Podcast is here and it’s only going to get more awesome as we continue. You’ll want to get on this from the ground level up. And if you’re feeling explorative be sure to check the I Am Geek Podcast archives here on this very site. Just click that link and you’ll get allllllllll the I Am Geek goodness.

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