How Are You Surviving Quarantine?

Geeklings, it happened. I hit a wall today and I hit it pretty hard. I had been circling said wall all week, kind of like a vulture waiting for the human to collapse in the desert so it can get its nom on, and was even able to put it off for a day or so. Most of that is in part to the power of Community coming to Netflix and getting really engrossed in Animal Crossing, but I’ve officially hit the point where I couldn’t ignore the overall feeling of “meh” anymore.

Three weeks of working from home/quarantine and I just feel tired today. Spread thin. Listless. No creative energy. All the things we discussed earlier in the week when my brain started to go all Nicholas Cage. I’m sure I’ll bounce back but today, like most of you I suspect, I’m over it.

Feeling this way really impeeds my ability to push out new content on the site. I just can’t think or focus or have the energy to write a column today. And as I was about to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be writing, again, today a thought hit me. A slight bit of inspiration. Kind of like near the end of Rocky V where Rocky hears Mickey’s voice and then he shows up in the moon giving the inspirational talk needed for Rocko to win his street fight. Fun fact, I do a great impression of Rocky from Rocky III after Mickey dies. It’s spot on.

Rocky V - Mickey Speech/Flashback (1080p) GIF | Gfycat

Why don’t I turn this over to you guys?

Yes, that’s my million-dollar idea for the day. Why don’t you tell me how you’re spending your quarantine. What’s keeping you sane? What’s made you start to pull your hair out? What are you binging? Reading? Playing? Drawing? Whatever. Let loose in the comments, or Twitter (@iamgeek32) and let us know how you’re surviving all this and what you’re relying on. Then tomorrow when we record a new episode of the I Am Geek Podcast, which you can now find on iTunes (!!!), we’ll shout you out! We’ve said from the very start that we wanted to build a community through this site and over the last four years it’s been quite wonderful. What better way to celebrate that than having your story read aloud during a podcast?

We’re all in this together, and who knows, you telling me what you’re doing to stay sane could help others as well. Give them a new avenue to explore or support that they’re not the only ones feeling this way. Hell, I could use that very much today.

Sooooo, the floor is yours Geeklings. Tell me how your living and we’ll discuss it on the pod tomorrow. Please continue to be safe out there.

I can’t wait to hear from all of you. Thank you in advance and be sure to tune into the I Am Geek Podcast to hear your shout outs.

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