How The Last of Us Part 2 Prevented This Column

Geeklings, I wanted to write a legit column for you on this fine Monday. There’s nothing better than kicking off the week with some solid content to get the ball rolling. It’s like that iced cold beverage after working all day. That beverage may contain alcohol if you want, or it just may just be as cold as your felled enemies. That’s not the point. The point is I Am Geek is the after-work party where you can let your hair down, cut loose, giggle, and get some geeky content in. Think of it as Cafe Disco from The Office and each column opens with someone blast C+C Music Factory… Well, not every column but you get the point.

Today’s after-party though is a bit, uh, lame. Mostly because I can’t focus on a subject to write because all I want to do is play more of The Last of Us Part II. Geeklings, it’s all I’m thinking about when I’m not distracted by work but even then I’m still thinking about it. I’m not entirely sure how far along I am, I put in some hours this weekend, but all I know is that I just want to spend all day playing it while also hoping it never ends. I’ve waited so long for more of this story and it’s been insane how instantly it captures the feelings from the original. It’s almost like I never stopped playing which would be weird and rather difficult. The never-ending video game? Hmmm, I might be on to something. It could be the Lamb Chops of the video game universe.

Anyway, because all I want to do is play The Last of Us Part II and because it’s all I’ve been thinking about all weekend, I didn’t really take shape of today’s column. So instead you get this. A little write up saying “hello” and an explanation on why this Monday is a bit light. But that’s not all you get. While I get ready to dive back into the game and continue Ellie’s soul-crushing journey, I have left you a parting gift. Something to make this all worth it. You know, to hold you over until tomorrow’s actual column. I’ll still be consumed with thoughts of the game but at least I’ve already started mapping out what I’m going to write about.

Thanks for understanding and enjoy this gift for no reason other than it’s random and hopefully makes you laugh while also making you feel weird inside.

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