2020 Emmy Nomination Reactions- The Surprisingly Good But With MASSIVE Snubs

Geeklings, let me tell you about the wonderful Emmy nomination experience I had today. This week I’m working in the office, back at home next for those keeping track, and my partner just so happens to be on vacation. Which means I have the entire floor to myself. Oh, random dance party alert? You know it! Um, is it time to rock out listening to Rage Against the Machine? You bet it is! Need to catch up on the spectacular Last of Us podcast? As a matter of fact, I do. Well, my friends, the floor is mine to do all of these things and so much more. I mean, there really isn’t “so much more” but I wanted to paint you the picture of my new found work freedom.

A part of that work freedom was being able to listen to the Emmy nomination presentation live while at work. I just turned off my podcast, threw it on Twitter, and tried very hard not to overact while working. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for a while then you might know that was no guarantee. Especially when it comes down to award shows and my ridiculous love for them. I have reactions and feelings and I’m about to get into those. But before I do, I want to preface… I’m actually quite happy with this year’s nominations. Outside of the monster snubbing. On the whole though, I think the Emmys did a really, really good job this year. Mostly, I still can’t believe…

  • No Nomination For Rhea Seehorn OR Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul. Neither one of them! Like, WTF people. I can not stress how wrong the Academy got it here. This is a glaring omission of two tremendous actors who straight up killed it this season. Killed it. I don’t know what the Academy has against Rhea Seehorn but it’s borderline silly at this point. Year after year she provides the heart of Saul and year after year the Academy chooses to ignore here. Listen, I love Steve Carrell and Jennifer Aniston too but you can’t convince me that we live in a world where their performances in The Morning Show were better than  Seehorn and Odenkirk because they’re not. The Academy got this wrong. So very wrong.
  • Heading into the Emmys, I was a strong believer that this could be Saul’s year but expected some competition from Ozark. Thought it could make for a fun race. But the Emmys had to go and screw that up! Now I believe that this could now be shifting to Ozark’s year which means Succession will probably win out because “yay rich white people”? But I have to say, Bateman, Laura Linney, and the constantly phenomenal  Julia Garner all deserved nominations for season three. As did the season as a whole. What a tremendous year that gave me those Breaking Bad like anxieties deep into my chest cavity. I will say though,  the Emmys dropped the ball again by not nominating Tom Pelphery as Ben Davis. My man gave one of my favorite performances of the year that still kind of haunts me. Watch “Fire Pink” and tell me I’m wrong.
  • You guys, The Mandalorian got nominated for fifteen Emmys today. Fifteen.  That’s insane and totally unexpected. I didn’t even consider this to be a possibility but what a delightful surprise! I was thrilled to hear it announced in the Best Drama category and think it’s great that both Giancarlo Esposito (also nominated for Saul… in fact, the only actor nominated for Saul) and Taika Waititi received nominations for their acting… or voice acting.
  • Speaking of wonderful surprises, how about all the love for The Good Place?! Holy Forking Shirtballs, some wonderful nominations here including the way overdue nom for D’Arcy Carden’s Janet. She should have been nominated last year as well but I’m so happy to see her invited to the dance. The Good Place also secured nominations for William Harper, Ted  Danson, Maya Rudolph, and  Best Writing for the series finale. I would love to see this show go out on the high note it deserves. Just thinking about The Good Place makes me feel like I’m living in a hug. I miss the Soul Squad.
  • Three actors from Succession in the Best Supporting Actor category annoyed me. Like a lot. Three. Three?! They’re just going to take votes away from each other and this robbed us of nominations for people like Tom Pelphrey. Kind of lame.
  • BoJack Horseman finally received its nomination for Best Animated series and it makes my heart happy which are conflicting emotions when one watches BoJack. Usually it’s crippling sorrow… but in the best way? The Academy has constantly slept on BoJack and it’s nice to see that its final season gets the love the show deserves. This is a show that should have been cleaning up the animated category for the last five years. But I’m going to think positively and take solace in the fact that the Academy may finally understand BoJack’s worth.  Also nominated, Rick and Morty.
  • Wow, I haven’t even touched on Watchmen yet.  Twenty-six nominations I believe and each one of them deserved. I love how Watchmen not only pulled off the impossible being a sequel from arguably the greatest comic ever written but is leading the Emmys as a min-series. Or a limited series? This is the show of the year and there is little question to its social importance and brave storytelling. Watchmen is this year’s big winner for sure.
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie got a nomination for Best Made For TV Movie which is most excellent. Kind of bummed to see no acting nominations out of this especially for Jesse Plemons who really brought it here.
  • Was also sad to see the Academy sleep on the final season of Mr. Robt but more importantly the tremendous performances of Rami Malek. There was an Emmy nomination in there for him and the Academy missed it.
  • Oh, hello there Stranger Things! Season three gets a Best Drama nod and I smiled.
  • Speaking of smiling, Nailed It! and The Masked Signer both received nominations today. I find both shows to be silly fun and it looks like the Academy does too. Nothing wrong with some fun nominations.
  • Would’ve liked to have seen Anthony Starr get a nomination for The Boys. Thanks Succession. That is all.
  • Here’s another fun one, What We Do In the Shadows got nominated for Best Comedy. Emmy’s really opening up this year it felt like. I appreciate that especially when their cousin, Oscar, almost refuses to do so.
  • You think NBC is a little weary on all the Emmy nominations Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show aren’t getting? Not like anyone is beating John Oliver but it seems that this is three or four years in a row that sees Fallon on the outside of the late-night game. Could this be the Conan Curse? Probably not but it was fun to say.
  • Dead To Me, one of the best shows on Netflix you might not be watching but the Academy sure is. Acting nods for Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Not to mention the Best Comedy nomination. This show is outstanding and both  Applegate and Cardellini bring it. Wouldn’t be shocked to see Applegate win this one outright.  She’s due and more than deserving here.

There you have it Geeklings. I think these are all my thoughts on the Emmys currently. As the days unfold, I’m sure to have others but this is the initial gut reaction. What were your thoughts? Sound off in the comments and list the nominations you’re most excited about or what you thought were the biggest snubs. If you don’t like the comments you can always throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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