Difficulties In Writing But Saved By A Trailer

There are days when you want to write. You get that itch. You even have an array of topics that you can cover. Those are the best days. The days where you can almost pull a topic out of a hat and then sit in front of the keyboard for an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and bang out some thoughts on a subject. It’s kind of liberating and freeing. Nothing but you, the keyboard, and this blank sheet of paper which actually isn’t paper at all, it’s a computer screen but the sentiment is the same.

Then there are the days when you want to write. You get that itch. You even have an array of topics that you can cover buuuuut you almost forget how to do it. Like the whole concept of writing alludes you. Thoughts to paper, again not really paper, almost seems impossible. Overly complex. And slightly exhausting. Sometimes on those days you fold like a cheap lawn chair and don’t write a thing and hope tomorrow will be better. Those are the worst days. They’re defeating and discouraging and almost openly mock your ability to assemble words in a semi-coherent fashion.

Then there are days like today. The in-between days. Days where you want to write. You get that itch. But can’t commit to the idea you’re the most focused on because your emotions are all out of whack. Then you get nervous that you might not have new content for the second day in a row and you sort of panic about slapping a piece together. But all you want to do is talk about the specific thing. It’s cruel and unfair and leaves you sort of “bleh”. 

In this case, that specific thing is the second season of The Umbrella Academy which I finished yesterday and have thoughts on. In fact, I have feelings on. Emotions. I want to gush about the show yet I can’t find my thread into a column yet so I’m putting it off. It’s what I really want to be writing about today but I’m incapable of doing so. That may sound kind of dramatic but I assure you it’s not. I’ve tried writing an opening for a review five times and the most I got was like five sentences. And I hated them.

On top of that, I started reading Normal People and I have two chapters left and it is taking all of me to sit in front of this screen instead of Gandalf the Kindle reading that book. Holy shit… it’s breathtaking and sexy and heartbreaking and beautiful and, I love it so. And the more I’m typing the less I’m reading and it’s actually causing my heart pain. I must finish this book… that I started yesterday!

So, what is one to do when they want to write but can’t write about what they want because of emotions and are distracted by the book they’re reading because, again, emotions. Well, that person throws themselves at the mercy of the internet… and the internet provides.

Lucky for yours truly Amazon decided to release the final trailer for The Boys today as we get ready for the September 4th premiere and man is it bonkers! This is exactly what I needed today. An out. It gives the site new badass content. It allowed me to write this column while still processing my bag of emotional mess. And it gives us another look at what’s in store for this second season of The Boys. All is right in the world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a book with more emotions than I can handle to finish.

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