The Mandalorian Trailer- Reality vs Expectations

Do you remember that time in life where you would just impulsively buy DVDs because what was a home without a full DVD shelf? Like, “oh, there’s a sale so I’ve got to buy everything!” types of impulsive. I was like that… for a long time. I had this habit of stalking out Blockbuster’s that were going out of business and then systematically raiding said Blockbuster for the following month as DVDs became cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. I can’t even begin to wonder how many of those purchases I actually watched but it was the thrill of the chase. I was able to pridefully boast that such and such DVD called my shelf home. That was enough for me. Except in the case of The Exorcist, I own that movie because I want to know where it is at all times. All. Times.

All of this is a fancy way of saying that I one day, in New Jersey of all states, once purchased 500 Days of Summer like this. It was on sale, it was cheap, and I wanted to watch it. I’m a big fan of both Joseph Gordon-Levitt (why isn’t he a bigger star?!) and Zoey Deschanel (I love her singing voice) so this was a no-brainer for me. Yet, the movie didn’t work for me. I think a lot of it was the time in life when I watched it, things were chaotic at best, and I honestly didn’t like either character which always makes it difficult investing in something when both mains are asshats. Especially in a rom-com.

But despite my lack of love from the movie, there was one thing that has stuck with me since. That reality vs expectations scene was so brilliantly crafted. It’s soul-crushing, yes, but the way they work the split-screen showing the two spins on reality was hands down the best part of the film. I think about it often. In fact, I thought about it last night after we got the new trailer for season two of The Mandalorian

Let’s face facts, yours truly can easily get swept up in the hype of it all. You can look as far back as Endgame for evidence or if you don’t feel like searching the archives that far just look at yesterday. I came here posting about expectations for a trailer. Things I “needed” to see. Now, most of that is created to push content out on this glorious site that I’m so thankful you visit but the hard truth is, I wanted those things. I wanted a glimpse of Ahsoka. I wanted the Dark Saber. I just wanted to dip my toe in what to expect from this second season. A season that I am Marvel movie levels of excited for. 

Then reality set in. Last night’s trailer, while exciting for the pure fact that it was new Mando content, gave us a heap of nothing about this upcoming season. Outside of the fact that Mando is not only searching for Jedi but other Mandalorians (eeeeeeee). We also saw more of the ice planet that I’m sure isn’t Hoth and the X-Wings from the first trailer are actually chasing Mando (!!!). But compared to the first trailer, we got even less here. No story explanation. No footage of Moff Gideon or the Dark Saber. No Ahsoka, Boba Fett, or any other rumored characters. No Sasha Banks. Nothing but the promise that the show is arriving on October 30th.

And while I know saying this negates yesterday’s column, I was okay with it. Actually, I found myself quite at peace with the lack of new content. 

As much as I want to profess that I wanted to see Ahsoka (rumored), Moff Gideon with LBY, the Dark Saber, or any of the other millions of theories that have left my head spinning, the fact of the matter is I don’t. At all. I’d much rather watch the show and have it leave me shook. I’ve already daydreamed about the possibility of seeing a live-action Ahsoka with zero lead-in and I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready for it. I know for a fact that my wife is not ready for that reaction and considering this is the only real Star Wars she’s into, I’d hate to have said reaction push her away. But, I am who I am and she knows this. That’s why she’s the best.

I’ve reached the point in this year, possibly in my life too, where I just want to be excited about things. This year has taken its toll, and it ain’t done yet, and now I’m just looking forward to things to get excited about. The Boys on Friday nights with my wife. New Comic Book Day. Updates to Animal Crossing so I can return to my neglected island. Season two of The Mandalorian. I just want to enjoy these things as they come, and sure, trailers are fun and most certainly effects the levels of hype currently coursing through my veins but the lack of knowledge brings with it different levels. There is something to be said about the excitement of uncertainty. I didn’t watch one weekly trailer last season for any of The Mandalorian episodes. I just let the story unfold and it leads to some really exciting viewing. It was kind of freeing.

Sure, I would love to be breaking down a new Mando trailer with you guys beat by beat but that’s another case of reality vs expectation. Instead of being disappointed about the lack of new content, I feel content. I’m just as excited, if not more, for next week’s season premiere. How about you Geeklings? How did you feel after last night’s trailer? Were you expecting more? Are you disappointed? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line over on Twitter @iamgeek32. Only nine days till Mando now! Might be time for a viewing party (insert thinking emoji here). 

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