The Return of Willow

I was left back in second grade. I started school probably too early and just couldn’t grasp the concepts and blah blah blah I had to repeat second grade. At the time it’s kind of world-shattering. It’s one of those things, even as a second-grader, where you feel like “oh, I’m dumb. I get it. I suppose I’ll stay in second grade forever.” In reality that’s not the case. Sometimes the best thing you can do is start over. Think of it this way, in a video game when you’re journeying to face the big bad that road is tough but you finally get there. You’re hyped. Your hands are sweaty. God as your witness if someone talks or interrupts you in this moment. This is what you’ve been playing for. This is it… and then you die. WTF! What do you do? You don’t just throw the game out and move on with life. That’s what crazy people do. No, you load the game back up and start again and this time it’s a bit easier. You can grasp what’s happening because the last time you were hyper focused on the fact that this was it. That’s kind of what repeating a grade is like. You’ve got a rough idea of the territory and you’re ready to make your way to that final boss. Which in my case was making it to third grade. Which I did.

Just as a side note, I feel a tad bit vulnerable admitting to being left back so let me tell you that I graduated high school in the National Honor Society. In fact, I was the only male in my graduating class to do so. Soooo, what up?! 

Okay, I have helped reassure my ego so we may continue. Here’s the thing about second grade Kevin, at least what I can remember of him outside of his goofy haircut. He was obsessed with the movie Willow. Ob. Sess. Ed. He was constantly drawing Willow related pictures in class. He was bringing in his action figures but these weren’t the traditional action figures. No, the Willow figures were made out of metal and were rooted in a base but maaaaan were they sweet. I had them all! Willow, my dude General Kael and his sick ass mask, Madmartigan, Sorsha, Queen Bavmord, the boar… if there was a Willow figure there was a good chance that second grade Kevin owned it. 

Then there was my crowning achievement. After many conversations and some pleading, I somehow convinced my teacher to combine two classrooms for a Willow viewing party. I remember it was raining that day and I’m pretty sure it took us two days to watch the film but what a victory. Sure, this most likely sealed the deal with my teachers knowing third grade might not yet be for me buuuuut I’ll always have Willow

Now, I haven’t really re-visited Willow in some time. Second grade Kevin would be disappointed but I also think second grade Kevin would be overwhelmed by today’s viewing options. I think a few years ago I watched it while impaired and let me tell you, it held up. It brought all that childhood nostalgia back with only a small tingling of remembering second-grade trauma. Maybe that tingling was the impairedness though… it’s not important. What is important is that yesterday there was some news that would make second grade Kevin jump for joy as well as modern-day Kevin. It appears that Willow will be getting a sequel series on Disney+.

(pausing dramatically in order to let the full scope of that announcement sink in)

Willow is getting its own Disney+ series! It’s time to head back to Nelwyn. Alert the High Aldwin. Beware of all Daikinis. Keep a lookout for trolls. Gather up all the Brownies you can find. Because after thirty-plus years, it’s time to find out what happens to baby Elora, who was left to be raised by the world’s greatest swordsman, Madmartigan, and the woman with the incredible red hair, Sorsha. 


A sequel to Willow has long been rumored and has been something my sister and circle of friends have kept an eye on. My sister happens to be very pro Willow. If there’s ever a down moment and we’re looking to watch something her first suggestion is always Willow. In fact, I would wager that it would be between her and second grade Kevin on who would be more excited about this adventure. But let’s put this in broader terms. Any movie that is willing to turn the majority of its cast into pigs while the villain makes snorting sounds is certainly deserving of a sequel. Some might argue that Willow set the bar too high but I’m willing to ride this out and see where this takes us. 

Doing the sequel as a series seems like the best idea as it gives us maximum amounts of Willow but it also allows the sequel to explore the impact that the original had on this universe. Which is what we really want, right? And what would a sequel series be like without Willow himself, Warwick Davis? It wouldn’t be worth watching, that’s for sure. Good thing he’s signed on to be apart of this series, and he’s bringing John M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians). Outside of that who knows what to expect other than new characters and a deeper exploration of this universe. Perhaps swords, trolls, pigs, and Sorsha’s now fading red hair? Maybe?

If only second grade Kevin could see me now over thirty years later… I think thirty. Someone do the math for me. Despite my inability to add numbers together, here we are, still talking about Willow. Time is a flat circle, my friends…

How about you Geeklings, are you excited for this next phase of Willow? Be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts or if you’d like to have more of an in-depth Willow conversation with yours truly you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 as we begin the countdown to new Willow stories! 

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