Does Anyone Else Hulu?

Geeklings, I know you might have thought there was no new I Am Geek content yesterday because the lack of column and I’m happy to say you couldn’t be any more wrong. While I didn’t get to upload it to the site, that’s coming this weekend fear not, the newest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast is up and running over on Sound Cloud. For real. We’re back … Continue reading Does Anyone Else Hulu?

I’m A Pop Vinyl

For those of you who have been frequenting, I Am Geek in its almost two-year existence, know that I’m just a wee bit obsessed with collecting Funko’s pop vinyl figures. You might even recall last Decembers Funko Photo Challenge and its results on my Instagram page (@iamgeek32). My addiction has turned into a serious problem at this point as I don’t have any shelf space and I’ve … Continue reading I’m A Pop Vinyl