Does Anyone Else Hulu?

Geeklings, I know you might have thought there was no new I Am Geek content yesterday because the lack of column and I’m happy to say you couldn’t be any more wrong. While I didn’t get to upload it to the site, that’s coming this weekend fear not, the newest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast is up and running over on Sound Cloud. For real. We’re back and it’s a great show. If you’ve missed the voices of Jen, Paul, and myself then episode thirteen is a treat. You should probably head over to Sound Cloud. Right. Now. Give it a listen and tell your friends. Go ahead. Tell them.

Now that that’s out of the way I have a question for you guys… do any of you Hulu? Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been giving it some serious thought. I usually use Netflix for all of my streaming needs, unless I miss something while it’s on tv and buy it on iTunes and stream it through my AppleTv, and using another streaming service sort of feels like cheating. A little bit but it’s so tempting.

We live in a world where we can get content where ever and however we can. It’s kind of foolish of me to limit myself to just Netflix and buying things through Apple. Especially when you consider that buying things through Apple costs almost as much money as it does for a monthly streaming service. Why not spend that money and get like all of the shows? It sounds sort of foolproof, right?

This all started because I’ve been meaning to watch The Runaways. 2018 seems like it’s going to be the year that I watch a whole bunch of awesome television. We’re only halfway through the month and I’m already just about done with Atlanta and The Good Place season one. Both of which I’m loving for entirely different reasons. I’ve been planning out what shows I’m going to binge like I plan out my reading lists and the list is taking a life of its own. As soon as I wrap on Atlanta, possibly as soon as tonight, I’m moving right into The Runaways. My original thought was to get the free Hulu trial, binge the hell out of the show, and then bounce on out but I started researching Hulu a bit more and I have to say… why don’t I have Hulu?

I mean, just like at this line up of shows I could be watching.

  • FireflyAn update to my column from a year ago, I’ve started Firefly but didn’t finish before it was removed from Netflix. With Hulu I could finally take this off the Geeky Bucket List. I could no longer feel like I’m on the outside.
  • Fargo– I still haven’t gotten to season three but those first two seasons are genius. This would make season three viewing waaaaaay easier.
  • The Good Place– I’m going to need season two once I finish season one in the next week. It’s just simple math really.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale- really want to watch this, and the Adorable Creature really needs to finish it, but I think I’m going to read the book first. Tough call here.
  • Sons of Anarchy- Been on the list for awhile and I’ve heard really good things. I could totally give this a shot.
  • Brooklyn 9-9– I need to finish last season so I can start this season
  • Legion– This could totally use a re-watching
  • This Is Us– Because apparently, I need to be crying with the rest of the world.

Right?! Look at these shows. The bigger question clearly isn’t should I be doing Hulu, but “how have I not been doing Hulu?” There’s room enough for two streaming services, right? Netflix won’t find out about this and take Stranger Things off my subscription, will they? Because that would be awful. I just like television and want to watch all of it. Is that so wrong?!

Now, how bad are the commercials on this thing?

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