Would You Show Your Cat the Cats Trailer?

Cats have very poor representation when it comes to film. All animal movies seem to be about dogs. All Dogs Go To Heaven. Marley and Me. Lady and the Tramp. 101 Dalmations. Wizard of Oz. When it comes to animal movies it’s a doggy dog world (I know the saying is dog-eat-dog world but my saying fit my narrative better. Don’t at me.). Even the few cat … Continue reading Would You Show Your Cat the Cats Trailer?

Week In Geek 3/14/16

Monday, Monday, Monday! Welcome to a new week fellow Geeklings, and with it brings a new Week In Geek! Yaaaaaaaaaay!!! If you’re able to contain your excitement we can get started. 1. Daredevil season 2- It’s finally here. Well not here here but almost. Friday. Friday can’t come soon enough. I don’t know about you guys but the return of Daredevil has me all types of pumped. The inclusion of the … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/14/16