Stranger Things Season 3 Review- Just Like Coming Home

Recently I was talking with a friend and we were discussing our favorite television shows and did what most people do in discussions like that… we created a list. A top five if you will. At the time I was moderately happy with my selections even though something about it kind of rankled me. You know the feeling, like when something is out of place … Continue reading Stranger Things Season 3 Review- Just Like Coming Home

Best of 2018- Honorable Mentions

Geeklings, it’s hard to believe that in a little over a week 2018 will be leaving us. As I’m getting older I can’t help but notice the frightening speed in which time is passing me by. That’s why I think I ran into the problem of remembering what things came out this year. I mentioned yesterday that I had totally forgotten Black Panther was a 2018 release … Continue reading Best of 2018- Honorable Mentions

MCU Pre-Infinity War Power Rankings

I was talking with frequent I Am Geek collaborator Eric Landro yesterday and we started talking about doing a Power Rankings system for the characters of the MCU. I instantly fell in love with the idea mostly because I love lists and it allows me to think about the Marvel movies a bit more. It’s like the best of both worlds. We both decided though that if … Continue reading MCU Pre-Infinity War Power Rankings

Questions For the Geeklings

Geeklings, I’m not entirely sure what to write today. I spent the majority of my day thinking about comic books. Literally. What comic books was I going to write about over at Fan Fest News (click here to find the answer),  reading Secret Empire #3 at lunch, downloading the first issue of Secret Empire: Uprising because I forgot it came out today, and how many more days will … Continue reading Questions For the Geeklings