Questions For the Geeklings

Geeklings, I’m not entirely sure what to write today. I spent the majority of my day thinking about comic books. Literally. What comic books was I going to write about over at Fan Fest News (click here to find the answer),  reading Secret Empire #3 at lunch, downloading the first issue of Secret Empire: Uprising because I forgot it came out today, and how many more days will it take me to finish The Watchmen. Based off of that it should be apparent to you that I had comics on the mind which sadly means, I couldn’t think of what to write here. I thought I had a couple of different subjects and then I started typing and… nope. Nothing.

What is one to do when they can’t think of something to write? The obvious answer would seem to be not to write anything, but I really didn’t want to do that. I did want to spend some time with you guys real quick. I thought about just re-posting my Pull List column here but I did that a week or so ago and didn’t want to make that a habit. Instead I sat at the I Am Geek desk and started spinning the wheels. What could I write about today…

The answer is still nothing, but what I do have is questions. Questions for you guys. I figured, “hey, if I can’t think of anything maybe the Geeklings could teach me a little something”. If you look below I have five questions geared at you guys and hopefully you’ll leave some feedback in the Faceyspace comments section, the comments below, or on Twitter (@iamgeek32). Please educate me.

Without further ado-

1. Memorial Day has come and past which means summer is here. What’s everyone reading right now? Do you have any books you’ve been saving just for the summer? Please share. Always looking to expand the list of books piling up on Gandalf the Kindle. Still want to do the I Am Geek Book Club if there’s interest. 

2. Just curious, has anyone of you bought a Pop Vinyl because you read about them here? If so, what was your pop of choice and will you name your pop shelf after me? Have you bought more than one?

3. Has anyone watched Twin Peaks? I think I might be starting it soon but not entirely sure what to expect. Does the re-watch value hold up or does it come across a bit dated? 

4. Video game players (specifically PS4), what are you playing? What have you played? What’s your favorite game? I might be comprising a list of games to be played… for a friend of course.

5. What’s your favorite food? Seriously. I know this doesn’t fit our geek related theme but I’m curious. If you were on death row, what would be your last meal? (I think I’m hungry)

There you have it Geeklings. Throwing this one out to you. Again you can comment on our Faceyspace page, Twitter, or here in the comments below. Any feedback is appreciated. You know I love getting to know you geeky bastards.

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