The Binge of 2018

Every year I go to Good Reads and set up a reading challenge for myself. For the longest time, I refused to use Good Reads, refusing to give up my archaic use of a notebook because it meant I had carry a notebook around, but after some consideration and some gentle pushing I turned to Good Reads. I haven’t looked back since. Good Reads is incredible! I can set reading challenges (45 this year), I can get book suggestions, see what friends are reading, write reviews, and most importantly, I can keep a running list of all the books that I’m reading for the year. For a person who tries to make a list of everything, Good Reads has been the perfect marriage.

Good-bye notebook! I should also mention there was a period of time where I used a messenger bag to carry things around but it was mostly that notebook and whatever book I was reading. I always took great pride putting my iPod in the side pouch of the bag for reasons I can’t even begin to describe. It just fit so damn perfectly. That was like seven years ago though… I was a different man. Now I use a Rick and Morty backpack covered in pretty rad pins. I’ve really grown up.

I started thinking a week or so ago as I was finishing season one of Atlanta and halfway through finishing season one of The Good Place, that I’ve never tried to keep track of the number of shows that I binge throughout the year. Not once. That struck me as odd. I literally keep tabs on everything I do but for some reason had never thought of keeping a running list of all the television I watch.

Until now that is.

Geeklings, allow me to introduce you to 2018- Year of the Binge. That’s right I’m going to be keeping track of all the shows that I binge watch this year. Now I know that some of you must be wondering, “Kevin, does this mean the return of the notebook?”, and the answer to that is no. I have an iPhone fool, check this shiz out.

Binge List

How cool is that?! Seriously, I’ve got a list problem. Each time I finish a series, boom, up it goes in the ole iPhone notes app. Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “Kevin, what shows do you count as a binge?”, and the answer is easy. Just those I sit and plow through as quickly as I can. I won’t count episodic shows like The Flash or Arrow because I watch them on a week to week basis, but anything on Netflix and Hulu totally counts.

I’m curious about how many shows I can get through in a year as this year will be the bar setter. I have nothing to really compare it too. I have a feeling it will be more than ten but less than thirty. Leaves a pretty large spectrum but not undoable. For instance, I already know that Jessica Jones season 2, Altered Carbon, The Runaways, and BoJack Horseman season five will all be shows that I plow through. That already has my list at six with season two of The Good Place most likely finished by the end of next week getting me to seven. Then take into account that a re-watch of  Stranger Things season two is kind of likely as well as Rick and Morty and suddenly this list is getting somewhere.

Now, if we could only invent an app that would chronicle my binge watching like Good Reads. We could even call it “Good Watches” or something along those lines. Patent pending! Or could that be confused for an app for people who really love watches? I need your help on this one Geeklings.

What do you guys think? Does anyone keep track of the shows that they binge? What’s your record for most shows watched in a year? Don’t be shy, this is a safe place. Sound off in the comments below or on our Facebook page, and as always if you want to talk all things television or geeky you can find me on the Twitters @iamgeek32. Here is to 2018, the year of the binge! 

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