My Week In Geek 1/4/16

I kind of struggled with what I wanted to write today, and couldn’t decide on one specific topic. That’s when I thought why not break down the geeky things I’m looking forward to this week, and share them. Everyone loves lists, I love making them, so boom here’s a list. Check out my upcoming week in no particular order of importance. Except Master of None, that’s totally number one. See you back tomorrow for a new Geeking Out column.

master-of-none-poster-imageFinishing Master of None (so many hearts)

Archie5-666x1024Archie #5

p10376284_b_v7_aaRicky and Morty season 1

mr.-robot-key-artWriting Mr. Robot post (do I have thoughts)

0510043001450205444_filepickerNFL Playoffs

the-flash-logoContinued reactions of my mother as she watches season one of The Flash (it’s adorable)

LACMA_Hateful_Eight_1024x1024Finally viewing the Hateful Eight

220px-HeirToTheEmpireStar Wars Heir to the Empire



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