Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your days with family and friends or just at home writing blog posts while Rick and Morty plays in the background and pants are optional (that was oddly specific). When I started writing this post I was going to do this whole thing about how Jesus returned from the dead let’s celebrate the things that will be returning soon. I was going to tie it in to Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, and other such pop culture goodness. I ultimately decided not to do that.

I’m not entirely sure why. It wasn’t like that post would have been a lot of work, but something about it shouted religious insensitivity. And having gone to church today, for the first or second time this year (I’m a CAPE. Christmas Ash Wednesday Pslam Sunday and Easter. But over the years I’ve mostly become a CE) it didn’t seem like the right thing to do. My belief is any time I can walk into a church and it not burst into flames it’s a good day. Although leaving early to avoid the parking lot traffic whilst thinking “later bitches” probably negates that some how.

Long story short I settled on wanting to wish all my Geeklings a happy holiday with you and yours. Oh, and this…


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