Sunday Happenings

Dear Geeklings,

I wanted to write today but I wasn’t sure what exactly to write about. I have some ideas floating around the ole head box of mine but they aren’t fully fleshed out. I expect most of them to make their way to your eyeholes this week. Except the one about the panda and the box of firecracker ice pops. That’s just for me.

Any way while I’m fleshing out these ideas (Author’s Note: In reality I’ll be at my buddies house watching Summer Slam or Summerfest if you’re Jeremy Piven) I did want to leave you guys with a little something for the weekend. Nothing major. Just a “here’s how my day went” hope you guys enjoyed your Sundays! Feel free to share your geeky happenings in the comments below.

  • Woke up this morning at an undisclosed time, well I know what time it was but I don’t want to say because it’s later than I usually wake up. I didn’t sleep well last night. I had an internal battle with my stomach as I felt it was trying to remove itself through my throat. I won that battle but it kept me up. All of that is besides the point. I woke up and finally put together the Stranger Things playlist I mentioned in the Week In Geek. I even inserted parts of the score in between tracks. It made me feel creative. I’ve been listening to it all day.
  • Once that was done I gathered up my laundry and headed to my mother’s house to do it. My apartment doesn’t have a washer or drier and I hate Laundry Mats. For me doing laundry is kind of a mega pain in the ass. Not just because everyone hates doing laundry but because of my t-shirt collection. I refuse to dry any of my t-shirts because I don’t want them to shrink. So what I do is hang them up to dry and then once all my other laundry is done (under shirts, shorts, pants, underoos, etc.) I put the t-shirts in the gentle cycle until they dry. It’s all very time consuming and a pain in the ass. But it’s the price I pay for my wicked awesome t-shirt collection.
  • I finished reading Chuck Klosterman’s Eating the Dinosaur which I loved at times and wanted it to just wrap up at others. There’s some really good stuff in there though. Now I have no idea what to read. I’m worried I’m in one of those reading hangover phases. Feel free to give suggestions.
  • Came home and put laundry away which also sucks because my draws (place where I keep my clothes not my underwear) are bursting at the seems with t-shirts. My life is hard.
  • I made another attempt to get into Legends of Tomorrow and I think this time it might have worked. I need to clean these episodes off my DVR and I kind of want to watch season two. Just going to keep on plugging along now that I’ve finished re-watching Stranger Things. Although I kind of really want to re-watch the third season of Hannibal and give Sherlock a try. I’ve got plenty of time though before shows return in mid-September/early October. I’m also pretty sure I could work in one more viewing of Stranger Things too. Yes. I’m obsessed.

That’s really the extent of my day. Nothing overly exciting but I was never bored. Plus it gave me something to write about here with you guys because I know you were sitting out there thinking, “I wonder what Kevin is doing today”. Never say I’m not a man of the people. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some idea fleshing out to do (again, I really mean watching Summer Slam).

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