Week In Geek 8/22/16

I think I got a bad haircut. I know, not the way you thought this Week In Geek would open up but it’s kind of been bothering me since Saturday. I just can’t tell how I feel about it. You know when you get a hair cut and you look at yourself afterwards and you just know, “yeah I look good”? I didn’t have that with this haircut. It’s my own fault. I was rushing around and decided to have someone who doesn’t normally cut my hair cut my hair. Now I’ve got this thing where I feel kind of dweebish. I don’t know how else to explain it. I’ve had better, but luckily my hair is like chia pet, add water will grow. I really needed to get that off my chest. I could have included a selfie so you guys could judge for yourself but that’s how non committed to this haircut I am. I think deep down I know the answer. Time to turn to my hat collection.

Now with that out of the way we can turn our attention to Monday which means (insert dramatic pause) a new Week In Geek (insert crazy crowd reaction). While I did spend my night watching, the sub-par, Summer Slam it didn’t keep me away from thinking of some columns for the week, and I have to say I’ve got some good stuff brewing I think. Should be a fun week. But before we can get to that we need to address the geek that is highlighting this week. Because Geeklings, what is a week if you can’t get excited about things? Kind of dull and boring and if nothing else I’m here to keep that from happening.

Shall we?

Modern Romance Season 21. Master of None season 2- I went on instagram (which is rapidly becoming my preferred source of social media) and saw that Aziz Ansari had posted this most wonderful pic declaring that the second season of Master of None has started filming. Oh happiest of happy days. If you recall (and if you don’t you can just click here) I fell in love with this show hard and was practically writing Netflix daily to make sure they renewed the series. Of course I didn’t actually do this but I did pray to the TV gods quite frequently. Hey, they got me six seasons of Community so why wouldn’t I turn to them?

I’m curious to see where this season picks up. I know Aziz said he wanted to get some new life experiences in before he started writing, as he used a ton of life experience for season one. I also know that he spent the majority of the summer living in Italy which is exactly where his character was heading. He also brought Arnold with him and here’s hoping for some Arnold Hugs for everyone come season two. I’m just super excited that the show is filming because it becomes one step closer to hitting my eyeholes. There was something here that just resonated with me (again see previous link). I wonder what will happen with Rachel? I love that character (such a crush) and know enough TV to predict that she’ll return at the worst possible time (#lifeconflicts) but also kind of hope that the show sticks with that realistic relationship foundation and we never see her again (#dontreallywantthat). Ugh so excited for this!

GotG Vol 22. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser image– So Comic Con came and went without any new Guardians footage for the public. Granted, those who were at the Con got to see some stuff and I curse their faces on a nightly basis. We are about a month removed and there still hasn’t be a trailer or a teaser trailer or a teaser to the teaser trailer and I’m starting to get antsy over here. I just want to see some new Guardians footage so I can start jumping up and down and giggling like a teenage girl who just had her braces removed (wow, that was highly specific). Needless to say this teaser image, which comes from Empire, does get the blood pumping a little bit. James Gunn has said that the movie will play within the contained Guardians universe and not the over arching MCU and this image doesn’t disprove that. I’m alright with a Guardians movie just being a Guardians movie. Anything to hang out with these characters again, and to get another bitching soundtrack. Also can we continue to talk about adolescent Groot? Moving past the adorableness, I have already bought all of the Groot pop vinyls for the sequel in my head. If they come out anything like my imagination they will be awesome.

3. Mr. Robot Telltale mobile game- I don’t know how many of you have played any of the Telltale games but I can attest to their awesomeness. Their Walking Dead game was brilliant and practically ruined me from an emotional standpoint, despite having only played the first season. My PS3 hard drive crashed and everything got erased. It was a very difficult time for me and probably has resulted in the reason why I don’t play many games anymore. Well, that and the fact that I don’t have a PS4.

The idea of a Mr. Robot mobile game where you get to interact with the characters and emerge yourself into the world of conspiracies and hacking sounds super promising. Especially when one considers that Telltale games become choose your own adventures and have various different endings and twists and turns. I do worry that this game will make me a more paranoid person (something I don’t need at all), but it sounds too tempting to resist. And for those of you who have been watching Mr. Robot and had their face melted after last weeks episode, you can turn to Fan Fest to check out my review. Still recovering.

Rick and Morty Season 34. Rick and Morty season 3- Life is so sad with no Dan Harmon television on the air right now. Through my instagram/Faceyspace travels today I saw this picture posted on the Rick and Morty pages and it did exactly what it should have done. Made me want new episodes while wanting to go back and watch past episodes. With the news that season three would be dropping before 2017 the releasing of this teaser has me feeling like these episodes might be closer than expected. If BoJack Horseman is the king of animated shows with intense levels of feels then Rick and Morty isn’t too far behind. I have a feeling this third season is just going to appear one day, and I’m alright with that. Provided they give me enough time to set up my DVR.

5. Community– I think the gods have spoken and it’s time to go back to school. Over the last couple of weeks it seems like the universe has been reaching out reminding me that Community has gone unwatched for longer than I’m accustomed to. Today was kind of the boiling point as within a fifteen minute span I saw that ?uestlove had posted a video on instagram (I told you I spend a lot of time there, and also what’s up with these video stories? I don’t use Snap Chat for a reason) in which he was playing the Daybreak theme (a jazz song that continuously pops (pops) within the show) with the hashtag #sixseasonswheresthemovie. After that I saw the Nerdist had an article about the upcoming Avengers movie and how the trend of casting Community actors will continue which just gives credence to my theory that the cameos are these characters post Greendale. Yeah that’s right, in my head the MCU and Community are a shared universe. Then I discovered the Community Faceyspace page (how it took me this long is beyond me) and the entire series DVD release (yet oddly not on Bluray). I’ve been away too long. Plus two weeks ago I was at the movies with my #anniesmove t-shirt on and the clerk behind the counter started a Community conversation with me. That never happens and really warmed my heart. I think it’s time… or is it the space (I haven’t watched in so long that I fear I screwed that quote up).

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