National Coffee Day


It seems with the power of the interwebs that every day has now become National Something Day. I mean cats alone seem to get at least three to four National Something Days a year which I’m not complaining about considering I’m a cat owner. Like I need more reasons to post pictures of Hudson the Cat on Instagram. Spoiler Alert: I really don’t need more reasons. The amount of pictures I post of him are already borderline unhealthy and a cry for help (kidding, kidding, that’s my boy). So it was no surprise to find out that today is National Coffee Day.

Now I’m not really a coffee drinker. As a matter of fact I really consider myself a tea drinker but since I’ve given up iced tea, eight months clean now, I haven’t really indulged in the the beverage. Maybe I’m afraid that it’ll be the gate way back to drinking gallons of Arizona Iced Tea a week or maybe it’s because I just don’t need it. You see Geeklings, the fact of the matter is I have never been the type of person to wake up in the morning and need a beverage to wake me up. I’m more of the type who miserably allows his body to adjust to the fact that it’s no longer in bed. Almost as a punishment for staying up too late the night before. Usually by 9:30 I’m hitting my stride and ready to go. Usually. There are some mornings where it’s earlier and others where it’s not. I would never describe myself as a morning person but I’m also not one of those miserable people who will hiss at you for existing before ten o’clock.

But something strange happened this summer. No that’s not a Stranger Things plug although I would like to add that my mother just started watching the show tonight and text messages already read like this- “So I started watching Stranger Things. I watched the first chapter and now I’m hooked. WTF! Oh my god crazy crazy scary crazy“. I am so excited for her continued watching. As you know by now my mother is a very animated television viewer. We all reap the benefits there. Again this all besides the point.

This summer I woke up one morning and had an urge for a cup of coffee. I couldn’t really explain it I just felt the need for a cup. Maybe this was something I could get into. Yes I’m aware that at 35 it’s a little late in the game but hey, I’m willing to see where life takes me. That morning I went into work made myself a cup of coffee with two creamers and three Splendas (which I later learned was one and half Splendas too many) and instantly felt my eyes bouncing in my skull while being pretty sure I could see into the future. Clearly I was a novice coffee drinker.

That little moment though turned into an honest attempt to enjoy the classic morning drink, but I found that hot coffee wasn’t doing it for me. Couldn’t get into it. What happened though was I found a love for iced coffee. And soon I found myself drinking one or two a week. Maybe it was replacing my love for iced tea (nah, I love iced tea but I enjoy iced coffee), and now would consider myself to have a very mild coffee addiction at best. Sometimes I have the urge but most mornings not so much.

Which brings us to National Coffee Day. A “holiday” I otherwise wouldn’t acknowledge because it doesn’t involve taking pictures of Hudson the Cat. I did not have a cup of coffee today, and considering what time it is right now, I will not be having a cup tonight. But I get it. I understand why some of you would want to celebrate the beverage. Especially considering we’re in the fall which is the land of pumpkin flavored everything. Wait! Is there such a thing as iced pumpkin flavored coffee? I need to know cause if so I’m going to have to try it. I’m a simple man at best.

So to those of you who are a slave to the coffee bean I hope you enjoyed your day and filled up your Instagram or Faceyspace accounts with pictures of your beloved beverage. As for me… well I’m going to go home and drink a seltzer and think about getting a coffee tomorrow. All depends on if I have time before work because clearly I don’t trust myself to make a cup.

Happy National Coffee Day Geeklings!

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