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I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 1

I always get a little nervous when I put something out in the universe that depends on the involvement of others to get off the ground. When I came to you last week looking to create the first ever I Am Geek Mailbag, I had already written two columns in my head. The first column where there was actual participation and I answered all your … Continue reading I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 1

Sooooo, Looks Like I Need A PS5

As a casual video game player, I was willing to wait out the Playstation 5 for a little bit. Kind like the super popular girl in high school waits out invitations to the prom. She’ll listen to all of them but she’s really waiting for that one specific invite to say yes to while also providing false hope into those who clearly do not stand … Continue reading Sooooo, Looks Like I Need A PS5