Sooooo, Looks Like I Need A PS5

As a casual video game player, I was willing to wait out the Playstation 5 for a little bit. Kind like the super popular girl in high school waits out invitations to the prom. She’ll listen to all of them but she’s really waiting for that one specific invite to say yes to while also providing false hope into those who clearly do not stand a chance. In this case, my one specific invite would be a price that wouldn’t shatter me finically. Plus, I’ve always been a big believer in waiting for consoles to mature a little before running out and buying them. Got to figure there are going to be some bugs, there’s not always a ton of gaming options, and of course, this is just a fancy way of saying new consoles are just too damn expensive. I don’t want to sign away my favorite kidney so I can play video games. I need that kidney in order to break down the crystallization from the ice tea I drink. Granted, I’ve cut back dramatically on ice tea intake, I used to own stock in Arizona, but I’m still going to need that kidney.

Needless to say, heading into the big Playstation 5 reveal party, much like a gender reveal party but with more violence… or less depending on your family, I had it in my head that I was in zero rush to buy a new console. I’ve still got plenty to do with my PS4, what could I possibly need a PS5 immediately for? I may not play video games as much as I want but I still have some games mapped out for the rest of this year. Hell, I’ve been neglecting Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order since the pandemic and I will not let this year end until that game is beaten. I’m rocking an orange lightsaber at this point, shit’s about to get real. Before that can happen though, the game I bought a PS4 for, The Last of Us II, is released this Friday. Or as I’m seeing it, Thursday at midnight so I can start the epic download and then begin playing Friday night after work with some drinks and a jar to catch my tears. Then there’s still that Avengers game which I’ve warmed up to. What?! They’ve made some improvements and Ms. Marvel is a playable character and I can’t stress the importance of that. Not to mention I’m still playing Animal Crossing every day because I live in a forever debt to Tom Nook. And I’ve really grown to enjoy fishing. It’s kind of relaxing and slightly therapeutic. Could you imagine the pandemic without Animal Crossing?! What would that have been like?! I also jumped back into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 this week because superheroes are rad and who doesn’t want to punch Ultron in his ridiculously steeled mouth?! 

You know, if you hadn’t read any of this site’s previous video game content, I’m sure you would start to question whether or not I’m as casual of a video game player as I pretend to be. I assure you, I am. There’s just not enough time in the day to work, read, write, watch something, spend time with my wife/friends/family, listen to podcasts, record podcasts, giggle at my cat, sleep, and play video games. It’s kind of cruel but those are just the facts. I try to balance but I assure you, come next Friday… I’m going to be logging hours on Last of Us II

With all that being said, I was watching the Playstation presentation and I couldn’t help but feel that tug. That pull. That need for something. You know the feeling, it’s like there’s a string attached to your sternum and someone pulls on it and it lifts up rushing in desire and the need for things. Clearly, I have no clue on how the human body works but this is a metaphor people, work with me here! The crazy thing about this sternum string is that I felt the pull almost immediately. Kicking the presentation off with the Spider-Man Miles Morales game was pretty much all I needed to see. That Insomnia Spider-Man game is not only one of my favorite games but one of my favorite Spider-Man stories and you guys all know how much I love Miles. To see him get his own video game?! I would be doing myself a disservice by not owning/playing the hell out of it. Now, I’m hearing conflicting reports that this isn’t its own game but an enhancement for the PS5 remastered version of Spider-Man. Then I heard that it could be its own game… I don’t know. I’m hoping full game with Miles Morales as the star. And I hope to have it in my hands immediately. 

From there, everything else was kind of icing on the cake which always leaves me wondering, who isn’t icing cakes?! You monsters! We got sneak peeks of Resident Evil 8 which looked dope and brought back memories of playing Resident Evil 2 in an empty dorm building at night with the lights off. We got glimpses of a new Ratchet & Clank game which is Insomnia flexing on all of us. There’s also the stunning Horizon Forbidden West sequel and a game called Stray where you literally play as a cat. A. Cat. Alright, stop. Just for a second. If there ever was a reason for me to buy a video game console it would be this game. Have you seen this cat?! Look at him! I would die for him! I would follow him into battle! I would buy a PS5 so I can play what is sure to be his incredible journey. 

New PlayStation 5 Game Stray Allows You To Play As A Mystery ...

The one thing missing from the presentation was the price of the Playstation 5 as both Sony and Microsoft are probably in the midst of an epic stare down to see who reveals their pricing first. But when I see this design looking all futuristic and sleek kind of what I imagine a stormtroopers suit looks like fresh out of the academy or maybe one of those Avengers time-hopping suits, I can’t help but feel compelled to buy this system. Depending again if this console intends on taking one of my ice tea breaking kidneys. Outside of that, I can’t help but feel that Playstation nailed their big reveal yesterday. I went from wanting to wait to wondering if I actually can. Now that’s salesmanship!

What about you Geeklings, what did you think? Were you impressed with the Playstation 5? What do you think of the console design? What game are you the most stoked about? Sound off in the comments and if you’d like to talk more PS5, video games, or cats you would die for then you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. We can start talking price predictions and the winner of the pool can get a righteous virtual high five. You know, the type that doesn’t spread a virus. Yay virtual high fives!

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