I Want To Play Video Games

I Want to Play Video Games- Instead, I’m at work.

I Want to Play Video Games- When I get home though I just want to eat dinner, spend time with the Adorable Creature and Hudson the Cat and watch my programs.

I Want to Play Video Games- Except, when I have those free moments when I’m not watching anything, in particular, I read a book or a comic or something.

I Want to Play Video Games- Only, my schedule would give me an hour maybe an hour and a half tops of gameplay before my eyes got heavy. I work too much.

I Want to Play Video Games- That new God of War game looks siiiiiiiick and I remember loving the first one. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this game and have a feeling it would be a game I would enjoy on that Last of Us level.

I Want to Play Video Games- Can I play the new God of War game if I’ve only played the original? I hear this one is like a soft reboot to the franchise. Is that true? Will I be totally lost? Gamer peeps help me out here.

I Want to Play Video Games- I’m only two episodes in on TellTale’s Guardians of the Galaxy game and I’m really enjoying it too. I’m a big fan of those TellTale games, that Walking Dead series ruined me, and this story has all the feels thus far. That whole Rocket and the otter story broke my heart. That’s one of those games that I can play while also playing God of War.

I Want to Play Video Games– Look at me thinking about playing two games at once when I barely have the time to play one game.

I Want to Play Video Games- I had trouble with the story mode of Battlefront 2 and haven’t gotten back to it. I didn’t like controlling that droid. Was a pain in the ass.

I Want to Play Video Games– I still have three Uncharted games to get through. The first one was a blast and I hear they only get better. Maybe I should start with one of those?

I Want to Play Video Games– Again, I’ve got this time issue. Maybe I should make one day during the week video game night and make sure I sit down and play a game that night. Hmmm, that could work.

I Want to Play Video Games- What can you guys tell me about Farcry 5? Do I need to play any of the others? I hear good things but don’t feel like playing a million other games first. I mean, with Bioshock Infinite I just played that one and enjoyed it just fine. In fact, that game melted my face pretty hard.

I Want to Play Video Games- … Man, that Spider-Man game. That’s going to be bonkers. Need that in my life.

I Want to Play Video Games- … I think I will.

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