Week In Geek: Jessica Jones Returns and New Walking Dead Clip

“Kevin? Are you there? It’s been three days since Comic Con and we haven’t heard from you so we wanted to make sure that you weren’t passed out in some geek like comma or maybe even worse.”

Geeklings, fear not I am alive. There is a good chance that I was in a bit of a geek like comma after the awesome that was Friday (we’ll circle back to that) but honestly I was kind of just being lazy with my last couple of days of vacation. Not to mention when I woke up Saturday morning all I wanted to do was lounge around and be a bum. Which, coincidentally, was the theme of this vacation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Spent a great deal of time re-charging the ole batteries, spending time with friends and family, and just relaxing. I feel great. Although I am secretly dreading getting back into the grind tomorrow. Ugh. But that’s tomorrow Kevin’s problem. Current Kevin has a new I Am Geek post to write.

I’m not going to touch on Comic Con today because I’m saving all that for tomorrow’s post. I did want to write a post on Saturday but I gave myself a few days to digest it and soak it al in. There was a lot. Now with that being said what do we have in store for the Week In Geek? Well my geeks and geeklets (told you I really liked that. Watch as I over use the crap out of it) why don’t we break it down.

1. Walking Dead releases a new teaser clip– On Saturday the Walking Dead released a new teaser clip leading up to season seven of the show (can you believe it’s been seven seasons already?! Wow), and I’m happy to say that I feel that it re-captured the moment from the season finale perfectly. I know this because I re-watched those last ten minutes this morning. Perfect. I believe the last two seasons of the Walking Dead have been some of the shows strongest material and the introduction of Negan (in my most humble opinion) is going to end up being the best thing to happen to this show in awhile. Just wait. He’s going to be outstanding. With that being said, we still have no idea who Negan killed at the end of last season but we do know that he’s not afraid of Rick in the slightest which I think is important moving forward. Rick has had it easy with his foes and Negan looks to bring the ruckus. Plus, is it me or did the end of that scene maybe hint at an event that happens in the comics? Something I’ve personally been hoping to see since the arrival of the Governor but could be used perfectly here to make Negan even more of a badass. Tune into Fan Fest later this week as I write an editorial on that possibility.

Image result for jessica jones october 20162. Jessica Jones– Last week saw the comic book return of Jessica Jones to the Marvel Universe and I have to say the issue was fantastic. There was little doubt that this would happen based on the huge success of the Netflix series, but you also don’t want the book to read like a cash in attempt either. Luckily the return of Brian Michael Bendis to the character (as well as the original art team) helps recapture the magic and feel of the Netflix series while casting light on a side of the Marvel U that tends to be looked over.The art is gritty and Jessica is forced into this new position in the Marvel U that clearly makes her uncomfortable. On top of that she’s hiding the where abouts of a certain infant (if you know any of her comic history you’ll be able to piece this one together rather quickly) which seems to be the underlining conflict here. The post Civil War II landscape of Marvel is shaping out to be super (get it?) interesting. On one side I think you’ll have the heroes that people are used to (the older guard if you will), but with books like ChampionsHawkeye (Kate Bishop getting a solo book ya’ll!!!), and Jessica Jones we’re seeing these young characters get more of a spotlight and a chance to shine bright. While I feel that Civil War II has been a bust thus far, I am excited to see the new direction of the Marvel U. Giving characters like Jessica Jones, Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, and Kate Bishop the opportunity to carry the work load could payoff greatly for the company. Plus this issue of Jessica Jones was so good I finally cracked down and started reading the first volume of the Alias series which has been sitting on my Fancy Comic Book Reader for months.

Image result for legends of tomorrow season 23. Legends of Tomorrow season two- Last week saw the return of Arrow and The Flash on the CW while this week will see Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. I’m not entirely sure why they got spaced out this way, one would think a super week filled with super hero shows would have been a great thing to market, but hey, what do I know. Needless to say I am looking forward to the return of Legends of Tomorrow, which is a show that completely grew on me as I forced myself to binge watch it. For starters it was eating tons of room on my DVR and I also felt that I owed it to the Arrowverse to give it a chance. The first season is shaky for sure but ends strong (those last three episodes) enough to bring me back for season two. The introduction of the JSA should be interesting plus the villains look to be the Arrowverse’s version of the Legion of Doom so there’s potential. The transformation of Heat Wave is one of the best things that the show does and I’m interested in watching his character continue to grow this season. Plus the more super hero shows one watches on the CW the more prepared they are for the mega cross-over this fall. It’s all about being prepared Geeklings.

Image result for nova #94. Nova– As you gathered from the majority of last weeks posts I’ve been reading a lot of comic books during my vacation. It was glorious. With the release of Champions I found that I had never read a solo Nova title, and figured it was time to change that. The fact that Comixology had a huge Champions themed sale made it even easier. I’ve enjoyed Nova in All New All Different Avengers not to mention his appearances in Ms. Marvel or Spider-Man books and I was happy to see that his solo title was more of the same. I breezed through the eleven issues in like two days or so and found that it was filled with a lot of heart. Sam’s quest to find his father is the underlining theme of the series and is at times heartbreaking and endearing. Not sure if Nova will get a new series post Civil War II but he is part of the core three characters in the young movement in the Marvel U (Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales being the others) so I’d be surprised if he didn’t. It’s just a fun series with great art and a story that resonates.

Image result for dungeons and dragons starter kit5. Dungeons & Dragons starter kit– Geeklings. It’s happening. I have taken one step closer to fulfilling an item on my geeky bucket list. I have ordered a Dungeons & Dragons starter kit which will help explain just how the hell this thing is played and thus preparing me to be the greatest Dungeon Master ever. This is going to happen (hopefully before the end of the year) and I might even Facebook Live it because… why not?!

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