New York Comic Con

Every year I look forward to that first full week in October, and not just because I usually schedule my vacation around it. Yes, there’s something about taking a week off of work that is so beyond glorious, but it’s bigger then that. New York City Comic Con happens to fall the first week of October and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the year. This years Comic Con marked my fifth year of going (third consecutive) and if I’m being honest, this one might have been the best one thus far.

For starters getting to share the experience with my sister, Jen, has been a blast. I took her last year to her first con and I can tell it was a bit overwhelming for her. Don’t get me wrong because Jen took in the sights, all the art work and booths, the cosplayers, the crowds, the insanity of it all and she marched on like a champ but there came a point where I could tell she had hit a wall. We had an awesome time but it was an introduction if you will, an orientation. Well, Geeklings, let me tell you that orientation lead to a full on geek expedition this year. Jen now had a lay of land and was ready to go with tons of enthusiasm. I think, for me, one of the highlights of this years Comic Con was sharing it with her. Jen is pretty much my partner in crime (that’s what P.I.C. stands for Jen), as a matter of fact she’ll be coming over to watch Arrow tonight, and I’ve loved watching her really expand on her inner geek. It’s always been there now she’s just being more outward with it hahahaha. Besides that though it’s easy to go to something like this with her and just geek out and have fun. There’s no problem taking pictures with random cosplayers (we found a storm trooper who dressed like Lemmy from Motorhead… it was insane) or hitting up certain booths or calling audibles and  on top of that she’s always up for whatever comes next. I can’t picture myself going to Comic Con without her.

Besides all that mushy stuff though this year was fantastic. Started off waiting on an epic line to get in which was a bit stressful. For serious, we were on that thing for about an hour and fifteen minutes before they opened up a back entrance that allowed us to glide on in. Was not impressed with that but from there we went to make sure our photo op time hadn’t changed (it did thus cancelling any plans to go to the Mr. Robot book panel, oh well) and then hit the booths. Since we had gotten in so early we missed some of the crowds around the Marvel booth and the Rick and Morty area so we were able to grab some Marvel swag and picture op with imprisoned Rick. Lines are always an issue so it’s a win when you’re able to defeat them.

From there we just found awesome booth after awesome booth. We found this one artist that had prints that he cut out of construction paper, and they were incredible. Jennifer got a Harry Potter one (“Always”) while I wondered over to the booth next to it and snagged an awesome Gandolf vs the Balrog print and a “All Hail the Crimson King” Dark Tower t-shirt. Going to Comic Con and coming home with Dark Tower merch is a first for me, but I’m hoping it won’t be the last. A lot of the time was spent bouncing to different areas and geeking out with people/taking pictures with awesome cosplayers. It’s the interactions that are just as fun as the con itself. Jen went nuts over some of the book booths while I tried my hardest not to buy any over priced pop vinyls. That part was a success actually.

After lunch and more wondering we got on line early for our photo op with Hop and Eleven, and then we waited… for awhile. The pictures with Eleven ran late which means our team up pictures couldn’t start until they were done, but we made friends with the people behind us and ate popcorn so it wasn’t all that bad. Although the woman in front of us was ready to stab someone. I never understood that type of mentality. You paid for the photo op and it sucks that it’s running late (remember she’s a twelve year old though) but you’ll get in there. No need to stab anyone. We eventually did get in and both Eleven and Hop were super cool. We wanted to take a picture with a box of Eggo’s but they wouldn’t allow props which means I carried an empty box of Eggo’s with me all day for no reason. Blast. All and all a super cool experience that resulted in me being star struck by a twelve year old (it was like “oh my god you’re really Eleven” in my head) and I would totally do photo ops again. It’s kind of cool spending thirty seconds with people who portray fictional characters you love. Almost like you’re apart of it now because you “know them”. On top of that it makes others super jealous when you post said photos on Faceyspace and that gives you that “yeah I’m a rock star” type feeling. It’s the little things Geeklings.

From there Jen and I hit artist alley, which is one of the best parts of the con. The art work there is amazing and I could easily have bought all of it instead though I picked up a pretty awesome Stranger Things print and took one more walk through before deciding to call it a day. Not like we had much of a choice as the con closed in forty minutes any way. I think that might have been my first time spending the entire day at the event. Once we decided it was time to go home it was the exact moment where all the walking caught up with my feet and I was ready to sit down and stop moving pretty much forever. We had to have walked like ten miles over the course of the day. I’m not sure if this is an exaggeration or not.

There’s this high that comes with going to Comic Con that I can’t explain. It’s like geek Christmas or something. I just love being in a building with like minded people who just want to be excited about things. All things. It’s just special. I’m very comfortable with who I am and the way I am but there is something slightly comforting in seeing that there are other people who feel the same way. Makes you feel just a little less crazy. Validation if you will.

The fact of that matter is I’m already excited for next October to do this all again. Jen wants to get a three day pass next year so we can try and get into some panels (I’m so proud) and as I’ve right now that’s the plan. I think I might have created a monster and I don’t regret it at all. It’s kind of the best. Until then though I’ll just have to keep riding this high.

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