Today In Awesome Comic Book Images Vol. 12- New Comic Book Day

Geeklings, I was trying to think of a specific comic book image that I wanted to pimp today and I ran into an issue (hehehehe, issue. Get it? Cause comics come in issues? Sorry that was some real weak humor there). I didn’t have one though. Granted, I didn’t go through my Fancy Comic Book Reader looking for some in my gallery, but usually Wednesday morning I have a rough idea of where I want to travel. Today I didn’t. Not the end of the world it just meant that I had to do a little more thinking. I’m okay with thinking about the stuff I’m going to write here because it distracts me from actual work (if my boss is reading this, I’m totally kidding) and I just love this site and being active on it. I love writing here. It’s kind of my happy place. Any time I can sit in front of this screen and communicate with you guys for a little bit, I’m at my happiest. Most days it’s the thing I look forward to the most. Call me a sap but it’s the truth.

Deadpool comics

As I had the wheels spinning trying to come up with an image and a direction to go in it suddenly dawned upon me. There would be no Today In Awesome Comic Book Images without New Comic Book Day. That in turn got me thinking, I haven’t really celebrated the fact that New Comic Book Day exists. Until today that is. Today Geeklings, I feel that it’s time to celebrate my favorite day of the week… Wednesday.

New Comic Book Day usually starts the same way for me. I’ll wake up and open up my email to get my messages from Comixology that my books are waiting to be downloaded. I usually have a rough idea of what I’m getting but I like to open up the emails for that reminder. Oooooh, today’s a new Batman day or Yes, new Spider-Man comics all for meeeeeeee. I think we’ve spent enough time together where you know that this isn’t much of an exaggeration. Usually before my shower, I’ll turn my Fancy Comic Book Reader on and download the books so they’re there waiting for me when it’s time to read. I have to say, there is something ultimately satisfying about seeing your books downloading to your device. I do miss going to the comic shop, but I have no room in the Fortress for physical books and, if I’m being honest, digital is just so much easier to read and makes the experience feel more cinematic. I don’t read to collect, I read for the stories. If I’m traveling I can bring my comics any where. Can’t really do that with physical books because damage reasons.

Image result for new comic book day

On some New Comic Book Day there are certain issues that hold more importance than others. This happens most commonly with big events comics and I need to read what happens to take away any opportunity from the interwebs from spoiling them. I love these mornings. There’s just something about reading a comic book when the rest of the world is still sleeping that is just so soothing to me. It’s not just comics, doing anything that early in the morning is kind of relaxing. For example, on Monday I watched the newest episode of The Walking Dead at 6:05 in the morning. For some reason I think it made the whole experience with that episode even better. It was quiet and fitting and I just really enjoyed myself. I would also say that it lead to one of my better Fan Fest reviews of the show which you can read here (p.s. this review has over 11,000 page hits. Pretty jazzed about that. Totally bragging by the way.). It’s almost like you and the story are having a secret meeting and that makes it feel special.

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is there is this excitement that kind of centers on New Comic Book Day. There’s always something to look forward to, especially for me considering my pull list is a little out of control at the moment (read about that here). New Comic Book Day helps to break up the week a bit. A lot of you tend to look at Wednesday as hump day, that half way point to the weekend, which is a glorious thing. Who doesn’t love the weekend? Heathens. Heathens don’t like the weekend. But for me hump day comes with a gift. As a comic book reader it’s like the week is saying, “hey, you’re almost there. Here are some comics to enjoy to push on till Friday”. Sometimes that’s all the motivation that you need. New stories to read.

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