Pulling Back On the Pull List

Geeklings, I’ve reached kind of a crossroads. I’m currently really backed up on my comic book reading. Well, sort of. I have a lot of graphic novels that are taken up that unread room, but individual issues have been piling up too. I really need a day to just sit down and just read comics until my eyes bleed. Doesn’t that sound glorious?

With this unread comic issues comes the realization that my pull list is a little clogged, and I think it might be time to start shedding some comics. Which is such an impossible task. It’s like choosing the child you love the least. Sure, there are easy candidates but do you really want to say to this child, ummm I mean comic, that you don’t want to read them anymore? My wallet totally does though. Last weeks books topped out at twenty-five bucks. That’s a lot of books. In my defense there was an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that went for $9.99 and that was a bit excessive.

I’ve looked at the pull list and I think I know what books to omit but it’s hard to pull the trigger on it.There are some smaller books I could probably do without (maybe Jessica Jones as it has been declining in current issues) but my major dilemma revolves around the fact that I sort of want to give up reading Amazing Spider-Man which breaks my heart. Spider-Man has always been my hero. My number one. It’s just that I have not been crazy about Dan Slott’s run over the last couple of years, to the point where I’m not really super excited about the books when they’re released. I just want the Peter Parker I grew up loving. This more or less translates to having tons of issues just pile up. At some point you have to wonder if you’re just throwing away money. Is that even possible with comics?

I think my biggest fear about cutting something out of the pull list is missing that big moment. It’s completely possible and easy to go back and read back issues, especially with Comixology, but I want to be there for when it happens. Part of the pop culture addiction. Ugh, I hate having to choose but I think this weekend I’m going to have to have a serious look at my current pull list. And if I weed away the stuff I’ve lost interest in it totally opens up the possibility to new books!

You see Geeklings, it’s a vicious circle… *sigh*

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