Week In Geek- Game of Thrones (!!!), Dark Tower Trailer, and BoJack Gets Release Date

Geeklings, I don’t want to brag but I am currently four days away from having a vacation and I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for that. I am on super burn out mode, which you can probably see here with the sporadic writing, but I’m planning on taking the following week and getting much relaxing in. I’m talking all types of reading, writing (going to work on some fiction), video games, comics, and I’m even planning a pop vinyl hunt. It’s all going to be ever so glorious. On top of all that there will be plenty of columns here at I Am Geek for you to feast your eyeholes on. I’m hoping that week of vacation really gets me back into the swing of things.

Speaking of getting back into the swing of things, I devised a writing schedule for myself this week, the first time I’ve ever really done that, and I’m curious to see how it works. I like having a schedule or a set idea of what I’m going to write for the week instead of just sitting in front of my screen with a “durp” like face. If it’s a success then perhaps it’ll be a technique I use every week. Exciting stuff, right?

Speaking of exciting stuff (#smoothtransition) how about this upcoming week? Yeah, there’s a lot of huge things going on and it’s time we break them down. This is the Week In Geek after all and that’s what we do here.

Game of Thrones 71. Game of Thrones season seven- Let’s start with the obvious and most exciting event of the week… the return of Game of Thrones!!! I. Can. Not. Wait. For. This. The show is premiering a little later than it usually does, thanks weather, and the wait has been borderline painful at times but it’s finally over. Sunday night we can all sit in front of our screens of choice and wait for those familiar theme song notes to flare up as we pick up with the events of Westeros. What’s going on there? Well, check out part one of my Game of Thrones preview (parts two and three coming later this week… it’s on the schedule) for that breakdown. We only get seven episodes this season but they all seem to be massively epic if the trailers are any indication. Ugh, is it Sunday yet?

2. Dark Tower final trailer- Well, I assume that this is the final trailer considering the movie drops in three weeks. Oh god, three weeks? I’m going to be sick. Seriously, the stress of the Dark Tower movie is starting to get to me. We went to see Spider-Man: Homecoming on Thursday (there’s a report coming, it’s on the schedule) and it was the first time I got to see the trailer on the big screen and I got a little emotional. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, the Dark Tower is life and the fact that it’s actually going to be a movie gives me so much freakin’ stress. But today’s trailer made me excited. I’m not going to lie, I got caught up in what I was watching. I’ve fully prepared myself for the fact that this is a sequel to book seven and there’s something about that prospect that really has me bubbling over. Think about it fellow Tower Junkies, this is a brand new Tower story that will keep the integrity of the books intact. If this movie tanks, and hopefully it doesn’t, then the books can still exist and be fine. That’s the most important part to me. On top of the trailer release, I also ordered the Barnes and Noble exclusive Roland pop vinyl (which was more emotional than expected) as well as three volumes of the Dark Tower Marvel comic series because they were dirt cheap on Amazon. Needless to say, the Tower draws closer and I’m starting to feel it’s weight.

Image result for bojack horseman season 43. BoJack Horseman season 4- I feel like I was just on Twitter (@iamgeek32) recently asking for some info, mostly a trailer, for BoJack Horseman season four and would you look what happened today, the BoJack Instagram account released our first hint on when we can expect new episodes (September 8th!) and color me all types of hyped up. If you’re not watching BoJack Horseman than shame on you. I’m actually considering re-watching a large chunk of it during vacation just so I can re-fresh, but the moral of the story is this little cartoon packs more feels and depth into it then you’re mentally ready for. For serious. It is by far one of the best things on television with an excellent cast of actors doing voice work, and I’m more than ready to have my feels turned up to eleven as the next chapter of BoJack’s life unfolds.

Image result for westworld season 24. Westworld season two- While HBO has a little show known as Game of Thrones dropping this Sunday it doesn’t mean that they’re willing to ignore their other programming. Today an interesting thing happened on the Westworld website that seems to be hinting out possible story directions for season two. The site looks normal, for a world made up of robots that is, until it appears to get hacked by an unknown user looking for help. Thus implying what most of us have suspected, that the hosts have taken over the park. This unknown user is quickly booted off as we are reassured that everything is just fine. Westworld won’t be back until 2018 but if they start planting little seeds like this leading up to the release it should keep that hype train all types of real.

Image result for guardians inferno5. Guardians of the Galaxy Inferno video- This one is just fun. For those of you, like myself, who can’t get enough of the Guardians Vol. 2 soundtrack you may have listened to a little track called, “Guardians Inferno” featuring the vocal stylings of one Mr. David Hasselhoff. The song is ultimate cheese and catchy as hell and it was announced today that when the film is released on DVD that there would be a music video for this song included. Anyone else kind of want to see a dance off between the Hoff and baby Groot?

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