Week In Geek- Infinity War, the 13th Doctor, SDCC, and Blade Runner Too (see what I did here?)

Geeklings, today has been the first day of my vacation and I finished a graphic novel, made some serious progress in my novel, wrote my very first Game of Thrones review, and worked in a preview column for tonight’s episode of Preacher. I’ve been pretty busy. Not to mention I had second job duties, no vacation there sadly, which prevented me from getting here earlier. Better late than never though. No way I was missing a Week In Geek.

So with the hour late and me needing to start binge watching some Iron Fist, let’s cut the chit chat and break this week down.

Infinity War1. Avengers- Infinity War– Over the weekend Disney held their annual expo (you might know it as D23) and used this as a platform to start the hype train for the upcoming Avengers movie and man did they not disappoint. Let’s look over the fact that they brought nearly half the cast on stage and promised that nearly every character that’s ever been in a Marvel movie will be in Infinity War. Instead, let’s focus on the footage that they showed. All the reports I’ve read, and my friends I scoured the interwebs looking for anything I could find and alas there was nothing but write ups, not a leaked video to be found, made this sound like this is everything we’ve been waiting for from a Marvel movie. We’re talking Thor meets the Guardians, Thanos throwing an effing moon, the return of the Hulkbuster, Loki doing Loki like things, and so much more. I actually became so over stimulated with the reports I was reading that I developed a headache. No lie. I’m sure you’re wondering how and when we can see this footage which brings us smoothly into..

Image result for san diego comic con2. San Diego Comic Con- The event of the summer has finally arrived. SDCC is next weekend and I’ve already warned loved ones that I will be spending a great deal of time glued to my phone. There’s just going to be so much awesomeness that I don’t want to miss. I’ve already dedicated Thursday to pop hunting the SDCC exclusives, I’ll report back on that later this week, so all that will be left will be waiting for trailers and big news items. This is where we might actually get a glimpse of Infinity War, if we pray to the comic gods, and any other Marvel scoops. Perhaps we’ll get our first look at Captain Marvel. Other things to keep an eye out for, Stranger Things season two trailer, new Justice League trailer, maybe some Aquaman footage, perhaps something Rick and Morty related, along with tons and tons of comic book news. I will attend this convention one day, it’s on my Geek Bucket List, and it will be glorious. In the mean time be sure to keep an eye on I Am Geek as I update accordingly (I’ll also be putting tons of shiz up on Twitter @iamgeek32)

3. The 13th Doctor- I’m going to preface this with the fact that I don’t watch Doctor Who. I wish I did though because some of that fan art is amazing and I want to hang it in the Fortress, but no dice. I have tried… sort of. I’m sorry, I don’t like the 9th Doctor and he made it hard for me to keep watching. This is all besides the point though as on Sunday BBC America announced their 13th Doctor and much to my delight this reincarnation of the Doctor will be a woman. Jodi Whittaker to be in fact. I was just happy to see a show that’s been around for like fifty years (something like that, right?) progress a little. I haven’t really checked Twitter’s reaction but I can imagine that there’s a strong number of people losing their face over this news. To them, I say relax and see what happens. To Jodi Whittaker I say take that weird screwdriver thing that the Doctor uses and run with it. Knock ’em dead!

4. Blade Runner 2049- Continuing down the line of things I don’t know as much about as I should, the Blade Runner sequel dropped another trailer today. I’ve got some time to give the original a re-watch, the first time didn’t go as well as I hoped, but I will say that this sequel looks kind of incredible. Apparently making sequels to movies that were released decades ago is all the rage now, which always leaves me a bit skeptical, but here’s hoping that this Blade Runner sequel can pull it off. That cast though.

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