The Failed Rick and Morty Experiment

Every Tuesday night, sometimes Wednesday depending on schedules, my sister and I get together for program watching. We just recently finished watching Sherlock and we’ve kind of been in a bit of a show hole since. Granted, the binging of Sherlock took a lot longer than it should have, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t left a giant sized Cumberbatch sized void in our viewing schedule. We thought that we could effortlessly move into SpikeTV’s The Mist but after one episode we knew that that wasn’t going to happen. Seriously, that thing is bad. I don’t even mind that it has nothing to do with Uncle Stevie’s book, it’s just not good. I was hoping for a different take or a bigger exploration of what was happening outside of the grocery store but instead got a show about date rape and bad acting. Our commentary, mixed in with the adorable creature who was present for said viewing, was on point but we just didn’t see ourselves continuing to watch just for the jokes. Although a part of me is still tempted.

I decided last week that it was time to introduce Jen to Rick and Morty, in the hopes that it would break us out of our show hole and she would finally get all of my Rick and Morty references. I’ve had her watch the Rick catchphrase YouTube clip a handful of times, and she’s laughed pretty heartily at it so I thought this would be a no brainer. I was excited because I really thought she would take to it. My real hope was that she would become so in love with the show that she would go home and finish it on her own so she could watch the season three premiere on Sunday. Maybe we would even watch it together. How great would that have been considering I currently have no one to watch Rick and Morty with. Insert sad face emoji here.

I got home from work, told her that the first episode is a bit “okay” but after that things really start to settle. Honestly, I don’t think I officially fell in love with the show until the Meeseeks episode but I didn’t want to psych her out. It took a little while but when that Rick and Morty bomb goes off in your head, and you discover it’s brilliance, there is no turning back. I was anxiously awaiting that from Jennifer. That moment when she would turn to me and go “yes brother! Yes, I love this”. Instead, I got this-

Jen RandM

Look at that face. That is the face of someone who is not really enjoying what they are watching. That is the face of someone who didn’t know a picture was being taken of them. In fact, I would go so far as to say it’s the face of someone who is wondering what the hell their brother is making them watch. And that’s exactly how I felt during the three episodes I showed her. I kept waiting and waiting for that moment to kick in where she would be in hysterics, and I thought I would have had her when the giant naked Santa was floating over the Earth, but it never came. I sat there with that guilt feeling when you make someone watch something you love but know they are obviously hating and you’re trying to come up with reasons to rationalize why you love it. I remember the first time I showed my dad Reservoir Dogs he turned to me and said “and you liked that?” and a part of me died inside. But I could tell as we were watching it that he wasn’t digging it and the guilt was settling in.

Is there a worse feeling than watching something you love with someone who obviously thinks you’re crazy for enjoying it? It’s the worst.

I don’t know what to make of Jennifer’s indifference because I know that she’ll eventually enjoy the show… or at least I thought she would. We didn’t even get to the really good stuff of season one which means we can’t even get to the really great stuff of season two (which is pretty much all of it). Jen is coming over again tonight and I kind of want to casually slip in an episode as a last ditch attempt to win her over but I think I’m destined to watch Rick and Morty alone forever.

I mean, there’s always the adorable creature, but I already made her watch the pilot episode and I fear I had another Jen type reaction on my hands… maybe I should just throw a random episode on and have people work their way back. Hmmm, that could work.

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