A Post About An Upcoming Post

Geeklings, today I was prepared to sit in front of this screen and bang out a column about all the books I read in July. I was excited. I had thoughts and fun comments to make. I was actually excited for one of my reading columns because July was a really good reading month for me. Then I ended up writing my very first Rick and Morty review for Fan Fest, a review I’m really proud of. I followed that up by writing my Preacher review for the week which you can also find on Fan Fest. Next thing I knew time got a way from me. Hence I’m here to tell you about the column I was going to write and now will be moving to Thursday.

Thursday?! Why Thursday?!

I say Thursday because if all things go according to plan I shall be here tomorrow with episode ten of the I Am Geek Podcast. Yeah, I told you guys about this yesterday in the Week In Geek and I could just hear your excitement through my lap top speakers. No, that’s not an actual thing that can happen but I was using a metaphor. Probably not a very good one but I really wanted to convey the excitement I imagined for you. Sorry, I’ve been reading Douglas Adams.

Needless to say that today’s column is about the column that I wanted to write and the column I will be writing tomorrow. I also included a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch looking like an otter to grab your attention but it has nothing to do with this column at all. Am I sorry for that? No, no I’m not. But if it made you click the link then thanks!

Hearts and kitten whiskers Geeklings, see you tomorrow with our first new podcast in a month!

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