When The Geek Gets Sick

As I mentioned yesterday, I love mapping out my writing schedule. It sure beats sitting in front of my screen and trying to figure out what I’m going to slap together for you guys. I had plans for this week and a set schedule and I was excited. Then major comic book news derailed yesterday’s planned post, aaaaaand today I’m sick and lacking the energy. Yay planning!

That’s right Geeklings, I’m sick. Actually, I’ve been sick since Monday and finally folded today. You know the day, the one where you just need to rest all day long because you’re body has just given up on being anything. Seriously I spent the majority of today either sleeping, trying to re-watch Stranger Things, making tater tots, or playing my PS4 (I finally beat the main story mode of Arkham Knight!). I’ve been a slug. Seriously, I was wearing a knit hat and wrapped in a blanket all day.

Needless to say, my Thor Ragnarok review will have to wait one more day. I know, I know, it’s killing me too because I’ve got head thoughts. While you wait why don’t you guys tell me what your favorite sick time activities are. Just so you know making tater tots isn’t specific to being sick, they just so happened to be in the freezer and I had a craving. But if they’re specific to you then let me know!

Sound off in the comments below with what you love to do when you’re sick or you can find me on Twitter (now with 280 characters!) @iamgeek32. After that be sure to watch Mr. Robot tonight as it looks all types of incredible. And there are no commercials. Just need to pressure my body into staying awake for it…

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