Is Stealing Memes A Crime?

Seriously, I’m asking for a friend. Is stealing memes a crime?


When I Am Geek first started off I developed a Facebook page to go with the site. I thought it was a great idea to post the content there. It made me feel like the site was more official. As time went on I was noticing I was only posting on the Facebook page once a day around the same time every evening. It didn’t seem as sexy. I wanted to engage you guys. The columns are great and all but there had to be more to do during the day… didn’t there?

Memes. Memes were the answer.

I’m not sure how long I’ve been putting memes up on the Facebook page but it’s been awhile now and I think it’s helped enhance the depth of I Am Geek. We’ve got columns, podcasts, and memes. A little bit of everything for everyone. But here’s the thing… I don’t create those memes. Often times I find them elsewhere and recycle them. A lot of you Geeklings are responsible for some of the stuff you see as people send me stuff that I try and use with credit given (most of the time anyway), sometimes I research or use comic book panels that I particularly enjoy, and then there are times where I just gank ’em.

I think we live in a culture where memes get passed around more than pogs or Pokemon cards.

Image result for no i don't want to see your pogs gif

I’m perfectly aware that these references are “mildly” outdated but hush your face I’m sticking with them. But seriously, if you’re not stealing memes then you’re doing the internet wrong… I think.

There are times where I steal a meme and give them credit on the Facebook page but I’ll be honest, I don’t do that all the time. I think apart of meme culture is stealing it and trying to pull it off as your own. “Look what I found you guys” as some of you pretend to see it for the first time. The whole point of finding (and/or stealing) a meme is the hope to break it first. To be the first person to introduce your audience to it. Sometimes in order to do that you’ve got to steal the meme. Most of the time that’s what you have to do. Unless you’re that one person who keeps producing golden memes.

Or, is this just what I’m telling myself in order to feel better about my actions? It seems like that’s what I’m doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to steal memes because I know you guys enjoy them buuuuuuut maybe I’ll try and change my ways a bit? Again this depends on if stealing memes is even a crime. Is it possible to use a meme that hasn’t been stolen? Such a paradox.

What do you guys think? Is stealing memes a crime? Sound off in the comments below or find me on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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