What Would You Do…

Geeklings, Tuesday night tends to be television night over at the Fortress of Nerditude. Jennifer comes over, yes the same Jennifer of the I Am Geek Podcast fame, and we watch The Flash. It’s a fun-filled evening filled with CW superhero goodness. Except for tonight. It appears that my darling sister will be working late and unable to attend our Tuesday viewing of The Flash. This has helped raise the classic question, “do you watch the show without your show partner?”.

This is the world I’m currently living in.

I texted Jennifer because I do want to watch The Flash buuuuut I wanted to make sure that she was cool with it. There’s nothing worse than the wrath of a show partner scorned. I simply asked if I was allowed to watch the show without her. Of course, I’m allowed, it was stupid phrasing, but I wanted to put a feeler out there on how disappointed she would be if I didn’t wait for her. Some time passed and she responded with “sure”.

One word. No follow up text. Nothing. Just, “sure”. It’s pretty obvious, right?

Image result for it's a trap gif

The polite thing to do here is to wait and see if we can get together later in the week to watch the episode, but I already know that this week is going to be a bit tight which means that that plan probably isn’t going to work out. Thus resulting in waiting for next week to do a double feature. But that means I have to wait a whole week before I watch. That’s a bummer considering I want to watch it tonight and won’t be able to discuss with peeps. What’s better than watching the show? Discussing said show with friends. On top of that, I’ll have to avoid spoilers and I’m friends with people who live Tweet the episode. I’m all for live Tweeting but there’s an art to doing it without giving spoilers. These friends haven’t really caught on to that.

It’s not like I don’t have things I could be watching. I sort of kind maybe started The Runaways last night but fell asleep fifteen minutes in. I could totally pick up on that tonight and try and make a dent in it. That would absolutely fill the superhero show void and it could help me add to the  2018 Year of the Binge list (more coming on that soon). I could also start a new book. Or read some comics. Or just sit in my chair with Hudson the Cat and fall asleep.

Who am I kidding though, I’m probably going to watch The Flash and I’m definitely going to watch Black Lightning. It’s Tuesday. That’s what I’m supposed to do… right?

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