What If Superheroes Were Like Sports

With NFL free agency right around the corner, I had a strange thought today during work, where I have most of my strange thoughts.

What if superheroes were like sports? What if heroes could become free agents and could be traded between companies?

Was there a need for me to use the quote feature? No, probably not but I don’t use it a lot and I feel like it added some extra emphasis to the question. But seriously, think about that. What if heroes could jump ship like athletes. Would that be something to hinder or improve comics? The entire concept has me fascinated.

For example, take Batman. Batman is a DC staple. It’s hard to imagine him anywhere else in comics. Gotham is where Batman lives. Gotham is located in DC. Batman is DC. Buuuuuut what if DC only had him under contract to 2020. After that, they’d either have to pay for him or someone like Marvel or Image could swoop right in and take him. Imagine Image Comics signing Batman to a long-term comic deal. What the hell would that be like?! Awesome, I imagine it would be awesome.

How about this, Marvel sees the potential for an amazing story between Batman and Daredevil. Let’s be honest, you see the potential there too. Needing to write this story, Marvel proposes a trade for Batman offering to give up Wolverine and Thor. Now within the parameters of the trade DC would get Asgard and Marvel would get Gotham and the two sides could work out what villains, if any, would be included.

The only thing I can’t figure out if this would be good or bad for comics. Granted, you could always have the potential to “franchise” a character for a year but after that, they’d have to hit free agency. Could you picture Marvel paying big money to bring Superman over to the 616? What would happen if Captain America now found himself rubbing shoulders with Wonder Woman and Batman? Would the fan base be intrigued or pushed away? Comic fans are very protective of their heroes. The idea of this though is intriguing to me.

Movie studios would hate the shit out of it though. Like legit.

What do you think Geeklings? This is complete fantasy booking as it’s something that will never happen but what would be your dream trade proposal be? What character would you like to see switch companies? What hero deserves the biggest contracts? Sound off in the comments below or on the Facebook page. Hell, you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32 to discuss this more.

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