Distracted By Comics

Geeklings, I came here with the full intentions of writing a solid post. I’ve had a subject for the last week that is now going to have to wait…again. I turned on my laptop and opened up the website and went to start typing and remembered, “I forgot to pick up the newest issue of Amazing Spider-Man“. I’ve been catching up on a number of my comics today and wanted to see if I could squeeze one more in. This lead me to travel over to Comixology to download the book.

I throw the issue into my shopping cart and get ready to cash out, while doing so I notice a tab that says “Best of Marvel Unlimited” and instantly I’m curious. I told you guys a couple of weeks ago that I had signed up for the Comixology Unlimited program, and it has been the gift that keeps on giving. I originally got it (for like $5.99 a month) so I could cut back on the number of graphic novels I was buying and get to reading a number of independent books as well as some Marvel books I’ve been missing out on. The first month was free so it seemed like a no-brainer. Right off the bat, I read Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity, a book that usually costs thirty-five bucks because it’s massive, because I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be super important to Infinity War. Took me like two weeks but I finally finished the series and it cost me a grand total of… nothing. Infinity fell in under my free month. It felt like I was stealing.

I tend to spend a good amount of time on Comixology during the week. I love looking up their sales and throwing new books on the pull list if need be. Now with Unlimited, I’ve been on there, even more, looking for books I’ve wanted to read but felt iffy spending the money on. Seriously, it seems like every day I’m adding at least one new book to my wishlist with the intent of borrowing it at a later date. Up until like five minutes ago I thought if I “borrowed” a book it meant that it automatically downloaded to my Fancy Comic Book Reader but it turns out that’s not the case. It can just wait in my que until I’m ready to read it. Well, long story short, that’s where I’ve been. I was “borrowing” all my wishlist books and getting them ready for when I’m ready to read them.

On top of that, I took some more time to explore the website and add even more books to my “to be read” list. That was about an hour ago. It’s funny how time moves when you’re looking at comics that you can’t wait to read. Now I just want to read everything all at once. I’m currently borrowing Deadly Class by Rick Remender which is about an assassin school during the 80’s. How could that go wrong?! The only question is, what do I read after that. I can already feel this being overwhelming in the best possible way.

Oh! In case you needed any more incentive to subscribe to Comixology Unlimited, man this post is really coming across as one big ad… hey Comixology can I have free comics? As I was saying, if you needed any more incentive to subscribe to Unlimited, you get 15% off all your books. That includes stuff on your subscription list and graphic novels. Even graphic novels that are already on sale. How cool is that?! It’s like a bonus sale to an already sale.

Now, does anyone have any comics they would like to recommend? I’ve got a library to continue building.

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