Week In Geek- CW Heroes, Matt Murdock & Michael Myers Return

Geeklings, a very happy Monday to you all? How’s everyone doing on this sort of fine, not so awful Monday? I hope well. We’ve got quite the week ahead of us and if you don’t mind so much I’d love to break it down for you. I know I usually do a little more chit-chat here but I’m a little pressed for time and thought we could jump right into it. #sorry

Image result for arrow season 71. Arrow season 7- I started off season six of Arrow being a bit critical. It just seemed more of the same over and over again. The team doesn’t trust Oliver, Oliver doesn’t trust anyone, and now everyone is fighting. I had reached a point where I was getting a bit fed up with Arrow until the second half of the season kicked in. The dynamic of the story shifted, things got a bit more personal, the villain was an actual force, and the show ended on quite the high note. Heading into season 7 of Arrow, I’m really looking forward to where the show goes. Oliver in jail with the majority of his rogues gallery should be entertaining, and hopefully, the show sticks with the idea longer than The Flash did with Flashpoint. Also on the horizon for this season are the Long Bow Hunters which really adds to the excitement levels. Who doesn’t love classic comic book stories? Really hoping Arrow can continue to build on the closing of season six and give us a kick-year!

Image result for the flash season 52. The Flash season 5- I’m not entirely sure how I missed it but season five of The Flash dropped last week and I had no idea until it aired on Tuesday. Must be slipping in my old age. Anyway, Barry and the gang are back and here is hoping for a much improved season. I was not the biggest fan of season four mostly because they went a little too light-hearted with the addition of new cast members that messed with the gel of the show. Season five started much more promising with the reveal of Nora Allen, Barry and Iris’s daughter from the future, and just why she is has come to the past to mess with the timeline. Nora is already a strong character and leaves a lot of promise for the upcoming season. The premiere was a step in the right direction and has my excitement levels up for season five.

Image result for daredevil season 33. Daredevil season 3- Not to be outdone with returning superheroes, Netflix will be releasing season three of Daredevil, and I am so ready for this. If you recall Daredevil is what started Netflix’s Marvel hero universe and it feels like it’s been a long time since we’ve spent some alone time with Matt Murdock. I’ve been a fan of this show since it started and am really looking forward to seeing how they build off the ending of The Defenders. The world believes that Daredevil is dead. What does that mean for Hells Kitchen? Especially when you consider the Kingpin is coming back and the show is about to introduce Bullseye. Get ready for some dark, gritty, religiously layered superhero action with some of the best fight scenes in the game. Already looking forward to whatever new tracking shot brawl they give us. Season drops on Friday and will consume the majority of my weekend.

halloween.jpg4. Halloween- Can you believe it has been almost ten years since Michael Myers last graced our movie screens?! Ten. Years. Well, my friends, the draught is over and everyone’s favorite boogieman will be returning to our nightmares this Friday. Now, I know there have been a ton of Halloween movies and a couple of reboots but this latest film is looking to do something different. It’s kind of a retcon saying that every movie after the original didn’t exist and that this is the true sequel to Halloween. It helps that it has Jamie Lee Curtis in it and it’s produced by John Carpenter. Here’s hoping that this latest film brings the scares and adds to the already storied mythology.

There you have it Geeklings, all the best things to look forward to this week. What has you the most excited? Sound off in the comments or you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. Here’s to a week full of ass kickery!

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