How Do You Feel About Leaks?

Geeklings, I was presented with an interesting proposition today. I’m sure if you’ve been paying attention to all things Avengers 4 related like I am, then you would have heard that the title of the film and its first trailer had leaked. Naturally, the ninjas at Disney were all over the trailer leak and it can not be found, buuuuuut some people supposedly saw it and now there’s a write up of its events circling round. That write up was sent to yours truly today. Thus putting me in quite the moral conundrum.

I, as a rule, try to stay away from any kind of leaked material. Especially when that material contains spoilers to a show or movie I’ve been looking forward to. This means I won’t read leaked scripts or a full synopsis or things of that nature. I’d rather go into the movie fresh. When it comes to trailers though… that’s a different story. When the Infinity War trailer dropped during the Disney Expo last year, I spent the majority of my day hunting the interwebs for just a taste of it. Just a glimpse. Anything. I eventually saw some pretty crappy quality trailers, but abandoned hope that I would see anything worth getting excited about.

While I was hunting for the leaked trailer I did read allllllll of the write-ups on the content of the trailer. I was on websites, Twitter, the works trying to break this thing down, and for the most part that was kind of fun. I didn’t see it as an actual spoiler considering that it was only a matter of time before the trailer was released, to begin with. I just needed to know what was going on and my hunt for news or leaked footage actually heightened my anticipation for the eventual trailer.

With that being said, of course, I read this possible trailer breakdown today, and I walked away feeling… unsure. For starters, I’m not even sure if the trailer actually did leak online and by the sound of the is write-up, I’ve got some serious doubts. I’m not going to go into anything spoiler related because that’s not fair to those of you who are patiently waiting for the trailer to drop and don’t want any Avengers 4 scoop… seriously, how do you do it?! But there were just somethings mentioned that seemed… out of place.

All this begs the questions though, what would you do Geeklings? Are you hunting the interwebs for leaked footage of trailers or in some cases the scripts or actual film? Are you reading people’s written accounts of what happens in the footage they’ve seen? It’s a tough question if you take a second. There’s the excitement levels begging you to take a look while the more reasonable part of your brain is like “just wait”. Who do you listen to?


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