Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Netflix. She’s on Netflix like all your other top-notch entertainment. Are you surprised?

Actually, yes I kind of am. For starters, I had no idea they were repackaging the Carmen Sandiego property. For me, Carmen Sandiego will always be a computer game that needed to be loaded from a floppy disc and taught me all types of geography, not to mention, a whole bunch of random answers to questions. Unlike the Oregon Trail, no one was dying of dysentery, buuuuuut if you didn’t know where Brazil was or pay attention to the fact that England was actually a democracy… homegirl was gone! Seriously, this chick was allusive.

On top of that, Carmen Sandiego was an awesome game show that aired after school. I used to watch the hell out of this with my sister every day. The best part was the winner would have to run around a map of the world and put flags in the places Carmen was in based on clues… man, I really miss that show.

And that theme song… classic.

Now today Netflix drops a trailer for an animated Carmen Sandiego to be released on January 18th, the same day as the second season of The Punisher in case you need something to counterbalance Frank Castle’s massive amounts of murder. And Geeklings… I love it!

Seriously, it looks delightful! Even though I haven’t finished watching it yet, I was smitten over the new She-Ra series that Netflix released, and Carmen Sandiego gives me those same vibes. I don’t mind that they’re changing her story and making her a good guy. I kind of like the idea of her being a reformed thief out to punish the bad guys she used to work for. Makes for a better role model for the kiddies, plus, she’s got to stay on the run so they don’t catch her thus allowing us to ask just where in the world she is.

I’m here for it Netflix!

As a side note, anyone else think crime school sounds kind of awesome?

Going to turn it over to you, Geeklings. What did you think of Netflix’s new Carmen Sandiego trailer? Will you be tuning in on January 18th? Are you like me and filled with all the nostalgia? Be sure to sound off in the comments and let me know or you can throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. In the meantime, I’m going to brush up on my geography so I’m prepared to find Ms. Sandiego in a couple of weeks.

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