The Snow Day That Never Was

It snowed in my neck of the woods today. There was a list of things I wanted to do as the snow fell. Including-

  • finishing my binge reading of Deadly Class
  • watch my screener for episode two of Doom Patrol
  • catch up on all of The Flash and Arrow have terribly fallen behind in
  • trying to establish a host site for podcast adventures
  • read more of You so I can read the sequel with the Adorable Creature
  • nap
  • write a better column than the one you’re currently reading
  • finish season two of Young Justice (I only have one episode left!

Instead, I worked because there wasn’t enough snow to cancel work. And that was a bummer. There was enough snow to make my ride home gross but not enough to keep me home in the first place. If it’s going to snow might as well snow to the point where I don’t have to work. Doesn’t Mother Nature know I have geeky things to accomplish? The nerve…

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